E3'10: Ubisoft Press Conference Summary

[email protected] Writes: "Ubisoft had their time to shine today as their Press Conference was today as well. Here are some keynotes taken from today’s press conference:"

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villevalorox2837d ago

The host and his fn mouth was pissing me off. Get someone who knows a thing or two about games to host.

captain-obvious2837d ago

im watching this right now

a very lame keynote

AAACE52837d ago

Well, most of it was, but I was f***in amazed at Ghost Recon! It makes me hopeful for the next Rainbow Six!

Arnon2837d ago

Rayman & Ghost Recon.

BeOneWithTheGun2837d ago

that play through looked awesome. Loving the active camo!

WildArmed2837d ago

lol there wasn't much to summarize.
The whole thing was full of fail -.-
Only 3 good things came out of it that made it worth watching:
Ghost Recon
Assassin's Creed.

The rest i couldn't WAIT for it to end.

Sigh2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

watching it live on, and omg are the peripherals and the lazer tag were just lmfao. Man was that horrid. Only good ones were Ghost Recon and Assassin's creed. Also driver!

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