Microsoft stays silent as a mime on Kinect pricing

LA Times: Microsoft, in a double-barreled media blitz Sunday night and Monday morning, was eager to tell the world every detail about its newest game technology, Kinect -- everything, that is, except the price.

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Tony-A2774d ago

After what felt like 30 minutes of Kinect talk, they don't even give us a price. It comes off as a nervous act. They were more than willing to give us a price for the new Xbox.

jaredhart2774d ago

giving the price of the 360 Slim.

soxfan20052774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

They announced the new 360 would be the same price as the current elite - even showed them side by side in the video.

Did you guys watch the same press conference?

DWeezy says MS was more than willing to price the new 360; jaredhart says they had problems giving the price.

Kinect is 5 months away - the new 360 ships tomorrow. I'd say it's a little more important to price the new 360 than it is to price Kinetic.

Kevin ButIer2774d ago

not giving the price is everything but a good signal

Proxy2774d ago

What is there to get wrong? :)

FordGTGuy2774d ago

with the pricing on the new Xbox 360 because they already have a console out there and know what a good price point for it is.

Kinect is their first and will be competing with Move so it is a smart move to wait and see what Sony will do first.

sgw_dec0y2774d ago

It does worry me that the rumors of the $150 price tag may be correct. While I know Kinect is not for me the hardcore gamer, my wife and I watched it and saw some possible fun playing with our little man together. I just really need to see more than Kinect(Wii) Sports and other titles that have already been done. Give me innovation! If your spouting this tech as the new thing then show me software that is new.

lokiroo4202774d ago

Expect a price 10 minutes after Sony releases Moves price.

D4RkNIKON2774d ago

They are gaging the response of the media and it doesn't look good.

flyingmunky2774d ago

Maybe not just the media but public opinion as well. Also didn't Sony already say that the move was going to be around 100 bucks for a total package? Anyway hopefully we get all the fine details about pricing structure of both tomorrow.

DelbertGrady2774d ago

I think they will do that too.

FordGTGuy2774d ago

What are you talking about?

This is N4G there is no such thing as gagging the media no matter who you are.

It is a smart move by Microsoft to wait and see what Sony does.

Sunny_D2774d ago

More like no confidence in their products. I really think the 150 dollar price is true. Also, if they see Sony's much cheaper price, they might start selling Kinect at a loss.

jack_burt0n2774d ago

The move controllers cost the same as a dualshock MS are gonna be in for a surprise.

FordGTGuy2774d ago

I would guess it will be atleast a little more of a premium.

Also why would it hurt Kinect? Even if they were you are still forced to by multiple controllers to have more than one person play Move while in Kinect requires no extra peripherals.

voodoopickle2774d ago

The Kinect can only handle 2 people at once, where you can still use at least 4 PS moves on a single game

flyingmunky2774d ago

If I had to guess these will probably run 5-10 dollars more that their wii equivalents, well hopefully. Barring that, yeah, not more than a dualshock 3.

TheAwesomessMan2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Either Microsoft will be Microsoft or they will do something totally out of their status quo, imo.

You know I was thinking about something just now. What if they price Kinect at $200 and since they 'gave' away the new 360s that day even though they said "its on us" I was thinking Microsoft probably be Microsoft and price it at $200. Hope not. Though I don't think I will get Kinect anyway even if it's priced at $60 (dreamland)

richard9192774d ago

they are waiting for sonys Move to be priced so they can either match it or make it less.

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