E3 2010: Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Demo

RPG fans are ready to brew up more concoctions with 'Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings' and Kevin Pereira brings Tomasz Gop, Senior Producer at CD Project Red, for a hands-on demo of the new game.

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Xof2927d ago

...Ulgh. What an irritating interviewer. Does anyone actually like that MTV-style of "interview?" It was painful to watch.

Nice to see Projekt Red getting some attention, though. Witcher 2 looks to be everything the Witcher was and more and better... which is awesome, because more so than any other game in the past decade, the Witcher belongs to that golden standard of fantasy RPG gaming that seemed to have died out with with Throne of Bhaal.

Gamefan122927d ago

too bad i can't play the first one .. freaking bug , keeps freezing on me. I tried the "fixes" and still freezes /sigh