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eggbert2955d ago

Ubisoft really messed up the Ray-Man series lately. I think the last good one was what? Rayman 2?

Close_Second2954d ago

Looks like an old school cartoon. If its as fun as previous titles this will be a day 1 purchase for my kids.

CellularDivision2954d ago

This looks like a proper Next Gen sequel to Rayman. It has the same 2D style as the first game.


"milking the cow with this game cant wait for the cow to die" al buy the series for 10 bucks when the cow is dead

Killzone3Helghast2954d ago

The one 3D Rayman game for the N64 was the first and only Rayman game I played and I enjoyed it a lot. Don't know how many times I played it over and over.

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