IGN: E3 2010: Migrating Data to the New Xbox 360

Today Microsoft unveiled an all new, slimmer Xbox 360, complete with built-in Wi-Fi support and 250GBs of storage space. The new form factor prompted Microsoft to make some functional changes to the Xbox 360 hardware, most notably the removable hard drive system, which is now smaller and recessed into the base of the console. What does this mean for you?

Well, if you were hoping to upgrade to the new model, you won't be able to just pop in your old hard drive and have immediate access to your profile. Instead, you'll have to migrate your data, but how?

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nygamer282903d ago

you need to make an artical on this....some gamers are really stupid i guess

PMR_212903d ago

says the guy who can't even spell article right

blumatt2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

The transfer cable really should be included with the new 360. I mean, damn, Microsoft. We shouldn've have to pay for every last thing that you give us. A little 2 foot cable couldn't cost that much to make.

That's not really a good thing. It makes them look like they're bribing the audience, that consists mostly of journalists, who will later be writing about it. Bias could ensue. lol

TheAwesomessMan2903d ago

Yeah and they have the nerve to provide new xboxes to every who came to e3 (smh I WANT ONE!)

yoshiroaka2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I think the most annoying thing about the 360 is the controllers not having built in rechargeable batteries. Thats kinda of ridiculous.

I mean i just bought a charger and some rechargeables for a fix but come on!
Its so much more convenient on the ps3.

God_Of_Epicness2903d ago

Dude, exactly what I was thinking. I hate that problem. I bought the Play N Charge Kit for my 360 and without even reaching 3 months, it had gone "loco". Batteries for the controller really needs a redesign! Until that happens, I won't be buying the new 360.

socomnick2903d ago

Whats more convenient is having a spare battery always charging in my house and when the battery drains i switch batteries in 2 seconds.

With the ps3 im stuck charging it or playing on that tiny usb cord of 6 inches.

yoshiroaka2903d ago


The ps3 cable length never bothered me but buying a 15ft replacement cable is still cheaper than what you are talking about.

Hellas132903d ago

Just buy a second controller.

duplissi2903d ago

socomnick... really? why dont you pick a more pathetic thing to complain about..

wow... you do realize that any usb port on any device will charge the dualshock...

i always have my laptop right next to me and if i dont have my 16ft cable i just plug it right into my laptop... plus usb mini is soo common that most people are bound to have several cables, i know i have dozens of varying lengths.

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NecrumSlavery2903d ago

Just more money to spend on top of that $300.

duplissi2903d ago

i only have one question... are they still proprietary?

if not then here i come. ill slap a 500gb in there that way both my xbox and ps3 are equal.

dkblackhawk502903d ago

Only Microsoft branded HDD

blumatt2903d ago

Sorry, it's still proprietary, and if that's not bad enough, it's not compatible with their old proprietary drives. lol Now was their chance to allow us to use laptop drives like the PS3 and they didn't do it. They're definitely into it for the money.

@ Yoshioraka (above)
Yeah, they should've went ahead and given us charge packs built into the controller too, like Sony did.

duplissi2903d ago

grr... that sucks.

oh well, if some retailers offer trade in incentives i just may go for it anyway... those usb ports, the wifi built in, and an overall quieter system has my interest piqued.

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