100° - The Games On Kinect Suck

"After watching the 2 hour 15 minute video from the Microsoft Press Conference I was left feeling empty. None of the games for Kinect really made me want to buy the hardware and even worse I still have no idea how much it will cost, and they wont announce this until closer to the launch time. WILL IT COST AS MUCH AS A NEW CONSOLE? I’m guessing the price point is going to be high, perhaps even higher than $150 considering they are putting it off for months, and may just hope that the hype behind the games will sell the hardware."

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Al Bundy2811d ago

They sure do. I fell asleep during the Nintendogs rip off demo with the little girl. "Skittles"!

NYC_Gamer2811d ago

the whole conference had me yawning...

darthv722810d ago

WTF is all the complaints about? Until now it was all about the big red balls and people wanting see something more. Go figure they showed something more and yet people are still not satisfied.

They revised the system due to hardware issues and high amount of criticizim and people are still not satisfied.

In the end, if you have no interest in the 360 or what it offers then so be it. I myself like gaming on all platforms to much to be tied down to just one. If you prefer one over the other then I can respect that so long as you can respect my preference to play them all...good or bad.

codyodiodi2811d ago

I think Microsoft should give everyone a new Xbox 360 that watched there 2 hour 15 minute keynote.
It got me very undermotivated to do any coverage of E3 now.

Bumpmapping2811d ago

Congratulations M$ most hated gaming company in the world,now Sony has the ball in there court all they have to do is announce PSN+ and few new IP'S it's over!

codyodiodi2811d ago

Yeah more or less. I still love my Xbox 360 but my PS3 is looking a lot better now. Kinect will be nice for some things but so far it looks like a pretty fail controller.

D4RkNIKON2811d ago

As far as motion controlled gaming is concerned, Kinect can't do complicated games because it lacks buttons and that is why it was all casual games. Sony's Move controllers have been shown to work with RTS games, FPS, TPS, racers and more. It is harder to think of a game type that Move CAN'T do.

codyodiodi2811d ago

Yeah I agree. I think Microsoft will need to release a joystick like controller to move, but then that kills there entire idea of getting rid of controllers.