Is Child of Eden Kinect's E3 Savior?

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"Microsoft's Kinect has gotten a lot of attention over the last few days. Some responded to it well while others struggle to find any sense of direction in Microsoft's new hardware. However, at the recent Ubisoft E3 conference Tetsuya Mizuguchi, lead designer of the classic Rez, revealed Child of Eden, a game that could well be Kinect's E3 2010 savior

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saint_john_paul_ii2809d ago

heres the thing....Its also for the PS move...

Noami2809d ago

yes it is multyplat... and i like genki rockets so i prob buy the game

D4RkNIKON2809d ago

Yeah, it's like saying COD will move 360 consoles.

SOAD2809d ago

Kinect needs a killer app, right? How can this game be Kinect's killer app if it also for the PS3?

The point is that Microsoft needs exclusives to move consoles.

I wonder if Microsoft has anything up their sleeves. Dear God, I hope so. The Sony fanboys are loving this too much.

AridSpider2809d ago

Since when did a killer app mean/have to be an exclusive? A killer app is anything that makes you want to buy that hardware. Doesn't matter if you can play it on another system because you cannot have the same experience on another system. If the experience through one system's way of playing it will be THE reason to buy that hardware and game on that system.

You've got it all wrong SOAD so I continue where Blaze left off - what is Pope's point?

boodybandit2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

And for good reason. They started off meh with COD DLC then it started to heat up a little with their tride and true fanchise titles BUT then it just fell off a cliff and ended up reminded me of Nintendo's 08 conference. Boring, forced anticipation, scripted, over acting, casual, boring, casual, tedious, casual, mind numbing and beyond dissapointing but most of all extremely frustrating. Oh and did I mention boring?

Where was PGR5, some new IP's with footage, Rare <- do they even exist any more? I just came away in total disbelief. I keep thinking this is a bad dream and MS is going to pull on or a couple rabbits out of their hat this week. A surprise mini conference? Anything?

This really can't be it, can it?

lightningsax2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

@The Pope
YES. It is. Check the entire trailer, and at the end you'll see it's also PS3.

I get your point, even though it wasn't very clear. D4rkNikon said it better. The writer isn't saying it's exclusive, he's saying it might do that motion control system a bit of good in terms of its perception. It's just that this writer, along with the conference speakers, announced it in a way that made many people think it was a 360/Kinect exclusive. I just hope by the time it comes out that everyone knows about it... whether they like it or not, that's fine, but at least everyone should know it's out there for their system. Maaaaaybe some of them will buy it :)

Honestly, I don't care what it's going to be developed for. Whatever platform this game is better for is the one I'm playing it on. If I have to buy a new console, so friggin' be it. Obviously, I don't expect most people to care about the sequel to Rez, but for me, just this announcement is "megaton" enough to last for the entire E3. I'm spent!

saint_john_paul_ii2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

you pretty much know what the point is.

exclusives push consoles.

this is not exclusive, is it?

rob60212809d ago

It just showed the thing reacting to the black outline of the guy, PSeye is capable of doing that just fine, no need for a 3d camera.

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Hallmark Moment2809d ago

Maybe, the Kinect fitness game pleased the crowds just as much. That Ubisoft sports game had people excited too.

Obama2809d ago

There are still some xbox diehards in denial. Kinetic fitness game pleased the crowd?? Are we watching the same conference??

Nike2809d ago

We most certainly are not, Mr. President.

I suggest a Call to Arms following a pre-emptive nuclear strike on...somebody. I don't know. Haven't fully thought this through yet.

lightningsax2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

The crowds. Ha. Remember that E3 is not the geek convention it used to be; most of the crowds are some form of press. Some will be elated, and most won't know what the heck Rez is. Some will love that fitness games will probably make some money. Good for them. I'm sticking with games that are actually good.

tatotiburon2809d ago

lol savior?, after watching the forza demo and the app for nextflix, video chat and dashboard i'm very confident with kenict, amazing tech

user8586212809d ago

lol seriously ur gona swing an imaginary light saber?

DelbertGrady2809d ago

People have been waiting since the Wii to do that. It's every 30-something gamers wet dream.

And the Dance Central game doesn't have a small audience either. Just look at all the TV shows about dancing. And the best part, you need no controller, which would just make it feel clunky anyways.

I think those two games and possibly some others will lead to a massive sales boost.

eggbert2809d ago

the dancing game is probably going to be the best game out of its launch titles.

Not that much was shown of the Star Wars game.

What would really be interesting is if they somehow made a Kinect game with free roam that wasn't some sort of party mini-game. The Star Wars game they showed looked fun, but it was also extremely linear. All the gameplay showed was someone fighting a few baddies, then moving to the next area, fighting some more baddies, move to next area and repeat. Seems a lot like THOTD style gameplay. I would have also had more confidence if they had actually shown live gameplay instead of scripted. :(

SillySundae2809d ago

I'd like to believe that Forza demo is real time.
But this article has eroded my faith in that.

m232809d ago

I was more impressed with the features of Kinect rather than the games. The dashboard navigation, netflix, voice were what got me interested. But out of all the games that were shown, this was probably the best.

user8586212809d ago


SOAD2809d ago

Remember Halo Combat Evolved?

user8586212809d ago

last I recall xbox died a painfull death :/...

SOAD2809d ago

Not really. Microsoft pulled it so they could launch the 360 and force the Xbox owners to buy the 360 so they could have a head start against the PS3.

A painful death would be something like the Dreamcast, which was being sold for 99 bucks about 3 months after launch.

saint_john_paul_ii2809d ago

"ot really. Microsoft pulled it so they could launch the 360 and force the Xbox owners to buy the 360 so they could have a head start against the PS3."

so it died.

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