Amazing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Screenshots

Xbox Evolved:

"Fresh from the Ubisoft ovens are some amazing Ghost Recon screenshots for you to drool over."

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Blaze9292928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Day 1 purchase to the max! I LOVE Ghost Recon and 4p co-op sealed the deal for me. Although I'll admit, not sure I'm feeling this new direction they are taking it in. Definitely no the same Ghost Recon I know. Went Casper mode throughout that whole showing - hopefully not as easy as that.

deadreckoning6662928d ago

Agreed, but I doubt it'll be that easy. Maybe they were playing on the easiest difficulty for demostration purposes. Day 1 buy for me as well!

jidery2928d ago

Are you kidding? This looks like a PS2 game

SkylineR2928d ago

PS2 game? Um, yeah sure thing.
That's PS2 Ghost Recon.

Pistolero2928d ago

looks like a ps2 game?, your looks damn good...probably better than about 98% of all ps3 games.

maddhatter6172928d ago

360 owners say that alot and rarely does it ever end up true. remember alan wake, splinter cell conviction, metro 2033, bayonetta, dane's inferno etc. how did those games turn out again?

IcarusOne2928d ago

This looks epic.


Not sure what kind of acid you were on during the PS2 era, but if this looks like a PS2 game to you, then you must be pretty disappointed with your PS3.

webeblazing2928d ago

what you talking bout willis? this game looks the truth it do looks kind of ez, but most games is these day dont try to give players a challage.

muDD2928d ago

then ps3 fanbois will think it looks good...

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renegade2928d ago

Look awesome im impresed

Typical-Guy2928d ago

I love this game, lovely.

Fireseed2928d ago

OMG Cannot wait hopefully its not too long of a wait :(

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