Eurogamer: New Xbox 360 Hands-On

Don't call it the Xbox 360 Slim - although it is about 15 percent smaller than the launch model. The complete console redesign Microsoft unveiled at its E3 press conference today isn't about weight loss, it's about refining and repositioning. Microsoft says it's listened to its customers and this is the box they want: smaller, yes, but more importantly quieter, and with built in Wi-Fi.

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jerethdagryphon2955d ago

so about what i said it would be size wise and likely component location nice trick with the duel power though less wires

good job with the redesign ms.

thats all ill give you

Arnon2955d ago

"And, yes, it's quiet. Really quiet. In a relatively muted conference room, I couldn't even hear the machine turning on, and even when there was a disk spinning, you felt it through the table more than you heard it actually humming to itself."

"My personal favourite parts of the new console are the new touch-sensitive buttons for turning the unit on and opening or closing the disk drawer. The latter comes with a delightful microwave-style Ping! too, possibly to please that expanded audience the new device is going to bring to the videogames party."

"What there's no way of telling, of course, is whether Microsoft's wizards have put the insides together properly this time. Spokesmen at today's event admitted, a little sheepishly, that they'd learned a lot about building consoles from the RROD years, so there's every reason to hope for the best."

Sounds aweswome. Glad they learned from their mistakes. Hopefully they'll have a better conference next time, though.

beardpapa2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

well this is actually something I would like to get. i'm curious about the reliability however. But it is definitely something I may decide to get down the line, afterall my 360 doesn't have hdmi, it still uses the original 20 gb hd, and the n wifi would be a nice addition.

IcarusOne2955d ago

I have an Elite and I'm seriously thinking about getting this. It looks sweet and the revamped acoustics sounds (pun intended) very attractive. Will wait and see how it's received and how the guts check out.

Anorexorcist2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

" Microsoft says it's listened to its customers and this is the box they want: smaller, yes, but more importantly quieter, and with built in Wi-Fi."

So MS has finally bitten the bullet and is starting to give their customers Playstation 3s?

Oh that's right, still no blu-ray. Well you'll eventually get there MS. You'll get there.

TheXgamerLive2955d ago

guess your not paying attention, we DON'T want Blu Ray, and our US $3.99 a month Xbox LIVE is the best in the world, so we have it ALL:)

flash2402955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

please leave fanboy, is it supposed to be a ps3? no so go somewhere else stop trolling.

eggbert2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Do you actually think including a disc tray is a good thing? The disc tray was one of the (now discontinued) xbox 360 model's biggest problems aside form the RROD.

I guess if you really enjoy disc trays, its an advantage.

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WMW2955d ago

did they expect it to play like a whole new console? it is just a new design, wifi and bigger hdd.

SOAD2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

It's all about the reliability.

For some that's all that matters.

Edit: Of course, only time will tell if this SKU is reliable.

DaThreats2955d ago

Listen to consumers?
Where's my free online gaming and bluray?

niceguywii602955d ago

Based on your comment history you already have those things and some how I don't think you are really interested lol.

ForROME2955d ago

I like it, but cant lie disc tray was a lame move it would have really polished the look off, Im still waiting for someone to disect it so we can find out the diff between the old and new

despair2955d ago

give it till after E3 too much going on and with Nintendo and Sony conferences tomorrow the new 360 will take a back seat for a few days.

TheAwesomessMan2955d ago

I think the disc tray distance the 360 S(oh does sound fitting) from the ps3.... letting people know its a microsoft picture.

fatstarr2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

this machine is ugly. I don't know what you are seeing. I am looking at a weird shaped angular black box which looks bigger than the original 360. If anything it now stands out less than anything else.

It should be an insulting slap to a Majority of people in the xbox fanbase.
,Even weirder Hard drive, Wifi what about all those that bought the 99$ and other expensive wireless adapters. Same big ass power brick. No hd cables in the box. Microsoft redesign means they expect the 360 to go strong for maybe 5 more years. A blatant wii sports rip off yea the new casual machine i smell causal this and that flooding the system.

Theonetheonly2955d ago

dude lay off.
i am not really a fan of consoles. and i think it is a step forward. you complain if the wireless dongle costs $99, and now somehow you've found a way to complain that it is included free. i really dont get your logic. not to mention this is wireless N were talking about. A good step up.

congrats to the gaming community, a new toy.
whatever's up sony's sleeve is bound to impress as well.

DeFFeR2955d ago

that EVERYONE who bought a wireless dongle is going to purchase a new machine...

Well, that won't happen, so the people that bought the dongle, will be happy with their old version.

Pretty sure you just want to find some way to bitch and moan about something that you don't like, but other people do.

fatstarr2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I am complaining about the fact that many people bought the wireless dongle for years. Microsoft has been racking in money left and right off of it...and now they just release a console with Integrated wireless,when it should have had it from launch(The wii has it for God sakes.)

Its a good step up but not the direction the game industry should be moving.its been almost 6 years into the cycle Instead of coming up with prototypes for the next gen console... they pull a redesign. Which is a major step backwards. Its not small and sexy or sleeker like the ps3 or any other console/handheld/ ANY redesigns. At this rate we may never see the Next Gen.

Slap some motion control to say we have something "New this e3" something that is 'new' and 'innovative' when clearly all they have for it is just a wii sports clone updated with 360 graphics. its just like how avatars are Mii's for the 360. Everything else just looks gimmicky truly gimmicky following in a certain company gimmicky footsteps.

Look up quotes from Microsoft calling exactly what Nintendo did a gimmick and look at them now.

I'm just mad in general with everyone just going along with it.

Theonetheonly2955d ago

hence the reason i game on PC. anytime i want it... Bam! new hardware :) miss out on a few games tho i mean come on you gotta admit that the mgs rising game looks SWEET!!! too bad i cant afford both. :(

gcolley2955d ago

why are ps3 fanboys so angry?

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