Congrats Ubisoft E3 Champs 2 Years In A Row (sarcasm)

Matt G. from writes, "People gave me a little grief for giving Microsoft a B- today for their press conference. Some thought what Microsoft pulled today was a D or a F press conference. Well, people the fine folks at Ubisoft once again proved that they absoluelty suck at E3 press conferences. I’m going to make this post a lot shorter than my Microsoft write up because I just watched Ubisoft fart around for 2 hours."

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OOG2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

lol I have to agree they don't do well on E3 conferences.... the host was funny but it was funny that he made fun of most of the stuff more then praised it and when he praised it it seemed to be all scripted...

Ghost Recon looked great tho.. but wheres I AM Alive and Rainbow? :/

On a side note... these casual games will get a lot of people in shape....

N4GAddict2957d ago

E3 hasn't even started yet.

Christopher2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The official dates on the site may be June 15-17, but E3 honestly began last night and Monday & Tuesday will contain the majority of big news items from the various press conferences when it comes to gaming news.

blitz06232957d ago

Well, considering Microsoft's Conference wasn't E3 material, I guess you're right, E3 hasn't started yet

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

Even the guys at E3 know that E3 doesn't start until Sony hits the show hence the E3 date of 15-17th...


no am not kidding actually am serious


*whispers*no am really serious*whispers*

ShinMaster2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

It doesn't start until Sony brings the big guns! :D haha

[edit] I know I'll probably get quite a few disagrees. Not trying to be a "fanboy". I'm just having fun, lol

Conloles2957d ago

Ubi hardly even make good games anymore

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TheDeadMetalhead2957d ago

The host, the cool-looking Shaun White Skateboarding game, Ghost Recon and Ass Creed 2 saved it from being a complete disaster like Microsofts, but it was still really disappointing.

2957d ago
RockmanII72957d ago

Gears > Ghost

Crytek exclusive announcement > already announced Brotherhood

Halo Reach > SW skateboarding

everything > Kinect

So... its a tie

TheDeadMetalhead2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Well, the Crytek game, if I recall correctly, was little more than a 30-second trailer that showed practically nothing. Gears 3 looked pretty good (probably the best game there), but it also looked almost exactly like Gears 2, except with color.

The 360 Slim didn't impress me for two reasons.

1. It looks like nothing more than a copy of the PS3 Slim.
2. The "new features" it has (built-in Wifi, quieter, larger harddrive) have been on the PS3 since it launched. It's kind of hard to be impressed by it when the competition has had the same features for almost 4 years.

Basically MS had Gears 3, Fable III, two rehashed FPSs, a multiplat, ONE previously unnanounced game that was just a 30-second trailer and an hour and a half of motion control gimmicks that are just copying the Wii/Eyetoy. So yeah, I would consider that a pretty terrible E3.

Pistolero2957d ago

Microsoft's wasn't a disaster like some of you fantards keep saying...the new Xbox 360 S...and games like Gears 3 and Halo Reach made the show well worth it for me....not their best ever in terms of hardcore games...but then again that was never going to be the focus of this was mostly about Natal and the new 360.

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PoSTedUP2957d ago

it starts when sony says it starts jk.

for me ubisoft was a mess presintation wise, the host was trying to be funny and got arkward crikets most of the time. they didnt know what they were doing up there lol.

the games were cool though. the CEO could pass for Fezzes father ( Fezz from that 70's show)

HolyOrangeCows2957d ago

Pfft, if you give Microsoft's conference a ''B-'' I couldn't give less of a crap of what you think. You're either a moron or a fanboy.

Disccordia2957d ago

Where was BG&E2, I Am Alive and Rainbow Six!!

Smacktard2957d ago

The host was only good if you have the sense of humor of a 5th grader. Everything about the Ubisoft conference was disastrous.

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NYC_Gamer2957d ago

EA had the best conference today...

OOG2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

agreed EA is really turning it around in my books the past few years with Mirrors Edge etc... and working together with great studios... they seem to finally be doing things right... now lets just get them sports games back on par instead of just adding new paint and shine.

I would love to see them run with the physics engine from backbreaker but with their normal camera angles etc for madden.... and would be nice to see that engine in things like hockey where hitting is a big part of the game.

renegade2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Misleading title. He named Ubisoft The Champs of suckness

despair2957d ago

was wondering as the EA one had some really good stuff.

renegade2957d ago

sony will be showing and nintendo too early to judge but i didnt like the microsoft one it was too kinect.

TheDeadMetalhead2957d ago

Breathing: The Game.

That is all.

NeoBasch2957d ago

I like spreading my legs. Makes me a sexy assistant. ;)

Also, I'm in a coma.

Focker4202957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

You stole my photo!!!!!!!!!

edit: lmao, I'll find a new one anyway. urs looks better. :)

renegade2957d ago

Rolf photo fight who has the edge?

C L O U D2957d ago

I actually liked the host but there was too much repetition such as...

"Wow!..." every few seconds or so

"Awesome!..." again every few seconds or so

"Uhhhh..." every few seconds as well.

OOG2957d ago

lol yeah he seemed to be unprepared... I liked when he made fun of people tho.. was pretty funny... prob would have been better without half of the awkward convos lol... and the weird slip up by g4tv at the beginning lmao

squallheart2957d ago

you have to love joel mchale from The Soup he always manages to make me laugh XD

Silentmerc3nary2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

People aren't doing it so much on this site, but people in general need to stop hating on Joe for his performance. I actually laughed quite a bit. To be honest, he sounded like he wasn't given a lot of material to work with; had to improvise most of it. There's only so much to say about Laser Tag, big white blocks, orange/gorgeous hair, pink hair, and time travelling rabbits.

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