Top 7 reasons game journalists love to hate E3

GamesRadar writes:

"I'm not going to E3 this year. I'll be watching the whole beautiful show through my computer and from the comfort of my orthopedically approved office chair. And while I'm sad that I won't be in attendance to experience it first-hand, it also comes as a huge personal relief to know that the entire Atlantic Ocean separates me from the LA Convention Centre.

As someone that writes about games for a living, there's a whole bunch of stuff that I love to hate about E3. And with this being the week of E3 and a large portion of gaming's men and women of words all bunkered down in Los Angeles, I thought now would be an appropriate time to exclusively reveal the Top 7... reasons why game journalists love to hate E3."

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RaymondM2953d ago

Hahaha, one of the funniest articles I've read in a long while. hats off bub.
But it does point out that game journalists have it very easy. I mean my articles are done in a stress free environment and its fun. Also, video games bring down my stress levels.
However, I do hate lines for playing video games.