Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood E3 Trailer HD

Xbox Evolved:

"Check out the trailer for the newest Assassin's Creed installment now."

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D3adcell2779d ago

Video looks ok, still not sure about multiplayer though.

Blaze9292779d ago

I'm a sucker for co-op games. So if it works well then I'm all over this game.

RememberThe3572779d ago

co-op assassinations sounds amazing.

deadreckoning6662779d ago


AridSpider2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

What? random much?

tinybigman2779d ago

for this game. i read the feature in PSM and the online sounds awesome. i really can't wait to play this.

AridSpider2779d ago

lol and you like to a YouTube video? Same quality as the one that is embeded above. YouTube compression fails

N4BmpS2779d ago

I love the idea of Ezio leading a Brotherhood I think they can do a lot before they move onto a proper ACIII (Proper mean actually having a 3 behind the title)

Bellcross2779d ago

I'm going to be so broke this holiday season, day 1 buy for me. I loved the first two, now its got co-op done deal.

prodg522779d ago

They have a very talented design team. I love their backgrounds and textures. A lot of gamers these days miss the small details.

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