140° : Blown Away by EA at E3 2010 writes "EA blew everyone away with their presentation today with an amazing line up of games. They boldly came out with out any fanfare with ten solid games.

First up we got to see the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit which goes back to the roots of the game to the cops and robbers theme

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Myst2953d ago

Later on tomorrow DLC for ME2 is released as well. EA thank you.

Conloles2953d ago

No BF3 but Medal of honor looks awesome

crackerjack73732953d ago

Need for Speed: HP?????
cha ching you got a sale EA, your making me nostalgic for my pc gaming days

trounbyfire2953d ago

looks alright but i am a KZ2-3 kind of guy

crackerjack73732953d ago

bc its possible to already be a kz3 guy. i played kz2 for a while, and it was difficult, not because ppl were good but because the controls were too clunky. if i push my right analog stick to the right, it would take my character about half a second to do it. i dont like unresponsiveness in mp games

Gago2953d ago

the laggy controls ruined a great game IMO

BoneIdle2952d ago

I dont mind if it looks like COD4 that was a brilliant game.

Obama2953d ago

I wasn't blown away, but EA did the best SO FAR.

TheDeadMetalhead2953d ago

EA: B+
Microsoft: F
Ubisoft: D+

That is my opinion on the conferences so far.

trounbyfire2953d ago

ubisoft c+
EA brought the heat
dead space and AC brotherhood multiplayer @ sony tomorrow i can't wait

Cherchez La Ghost2953d ago

Fcuk MS PC!! It's about the games. Congrats EA!! It was a time ago people thought you were the anti-christ!!!

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