E3 10: Bulletstorm screens scare the dick off us

Destructoid: To celebrate the announcement of Bulletstorm's release date, Electronic Arts has sent along a sexy bunch of art and screens for the kick ass shooter in which people get the dicks scared off them.

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Silentmerc3nary2687d ago

Good looking game. Was quite impressed with EA's Media Briefing.

Syronicus2687d ago

"Bulletstorm screens scare the dick off us"

so what they are really saying is they saw shots of this game years ago?

Zydake2687d ago

Lol the gameplay was so funny due to all the cursing I was watching it on and all you see is the commenters repeating dick

Focker4202687d ago

It was hilarious how they could show exploding body parts everywhere, yet they had to censor out the cursing. Quite the world we live in huh? :)

squallheart2687d ago

It looked alright. I did enjoy the electronic whip technique lol

Umbrella Corp2687d ago

Looking pretty nice cant wait to see it on my Samasung :)

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