Three Brand-New Projects revealed by Ubisoft writes: "Ubisoft announces three previously unrevealed projects at their E3 Press conference!

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Smokeyy902900d ago

The last one looks very interesting. And good to see Rayman coming back! w00t!

qface642900d ago

that ubisoft conference was really lame it was almost as lame as the microsoft conference

i kept hearing my brother say where is i am alive
didn't they reveal that 2 years ago

gfunkera102900d ago

Underwhleming Ubisoft conference. Assassins Creed is really the only thing they have I like.

RememberThe3572900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I'm so damn disappointed... Ghost Recon looked cool though and the new Rayman looked fantastic.

user8586212900d ago

agreed, glad raymans making a return =) also assasins creed brotherhood was epic

Smokeyy902900d ago

Yes. I am actually excited for a Tom Clancy game for once!

Myst2900d ago

Great to see Rayman back, and to boot it's a side scroller. Those are the type of games I'd love to see on PSN and XBLA as their surely aren't enough of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.