How to Get Into the Medal of Honor Beta

The beta will run across two maps on two different game modes. Just in case you aren't interested yet, Battlefield specialists DICE are the ones responsible for Medal of Honor's multiplayer.

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tdogchristy902681d ago

the old systems are dropping even further in price tomorrow so now would be a good time.

Hideo_Kojima2681d ago

If you really want a 360 its a better time to get the one that costs $50 more but is slimmer shinier colder and quieter with more USBs and 130GB more storage space. (130GBs more is something extraordinary for an Xbox since GBs cost so much on that system)

If you go and buy the 360 now i think your making a mistake by buying the old Elite over the new Elite.

Gago2681d ago


NY_State2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It's coming out on both consoles so....


time to buy outdated crap for a little bit less money....yeah. lol

Crazyglues2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

after all the lag on Battlefield bad company 2 I have decided to pass on all EA titles... the lag is just awful.

I can't support a company that would do their consumer so dirty... that lag problem has been going on for months, it's ridiculous..

There is even a forum post on EA/Dice site that is over 30 pages long of people complaining about the lag, and EA/Dice has done nothing to fix the problem.. - http://forums.electronicart...

-I'm done with EA/DICE you won't catch me buying another one of their games


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tdogchristy902681d ago

Battlefield bad company is $37 at Target right now so I'm grabbing a copy.

Hideo_Kojima2681d ago

thats an awesome deal the cheapest I can get in UK is £37 which is $54...

I hate getting raped in the ass by the gaming industry because I live in the EU.

GUCommander2681d ago

Thank you. I just added that little tidbit of information into the article.

deadoralive13372681d ago

@ GU commander
Do you have to sign up for the site or is there a specific place to sign up for a beta?

TooTall192681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

to play the beta 4 days early? It goes public on the 21st.
Edit. 21st is for preorders.

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Jeff2572681d ago

Im hoping to get a code from gamestop since I preordred it online. That combined with having bought BFBC 2 should get me into the beta on the 17th. If not then then maybe Ill have a code before it starts next week. Im glad that EA is pushing the beta out across PC, PS3, and the 360.

tosh612681d ago

So what do we do?

I know what to do to play on the 17th.

But what about the 21st?
It didn't say what to do on the 21st. They never said about signing up or anything?

Coldshadowz2681d ago

preorder at gamestop or other participating retailers.

commander2680d ago

Get the code

Then cancel it