Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Demoed, is Utterly Breathtaking – 3D Confirmed

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon series is regarded as one of the best shooting franchises in history. It’s one of the longest running series and will be expanded with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Now Ubisoft are releasing details regarding the hotly anticipated shooter and it clearly shows why this game will be one of the best in its genre.The Ghosts are the elite soldiers of the future, is how the on-screen trailer describes the game.

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razorc032872d ago

I'm impressed that Ghost Recon is continuing to evolve. Future warfare never looked so awesome

deadpoole2872d ago

How the hell stealth players had solid shadows ... doesnt look like much stealth to me ... game graphics and gameplay is effin awesome.

Hideo_Kojima2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

the game is good even though the invisibility is unrealistic because they should be able to spot you but oh well it doesn't effect the game play.

I just want to laugh at the people who said 3D won't kick of this gen because the consoles cant handle it.

It looks like the best looking games are coming in 3D so its all up to the developers really and the TV prices.

pimpmaster2872d ago

yea 3d is defenelty going to kick off this year. with a 2000$ investment.

raztad2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Ghost Recon shooting was very exciting. The sneak section was kinda easy, I hope you can get spotted depending the noise you are making or how close foes are.


Now that it seems xbox can output 3D in some way, perhaps it is possible some people around just stop hating 3D.

sikbeta2872d ago

More Games Supporting 3D, that's so Great, GR:FS will be Great

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Lionhead2872d ago

This was my favorite thing out of E3 so far =D

HighDefinition2872d ago

The original Advanced Warfigher that came out for 360 only was the 1st "next gen" game that wow`d me. So I`m not super surprised that this game is looking great.

ryuzu2872d ago

I think it looks lame.

The original GRs were poor but at least somewhat realistic - this just looks like they wanted to make a predator game but couldn't get the license.

Besides which, the invis. will work for the first portion then there'll (have to) be some mechanism by which the enemy see you when cloaked (note reference to thermal goggles in demo) so that it is rendered useless anyway.

This is casual gaming..... They've added pointless crap to driver and AC isn't an AC game anymore from what they showed. What happened to evolving a game over several iterations - seems like Ubi just want to make entirely different games and stick existing names on the box.


Senden2872d ago

Continue to evolve? They completely dumbed Ghost Recon down for the consoles.. it's a shadow of it's former PC self back in the original days along with the two expansions. Still, despite my reluctance to buy this game due to the direction they took it, gotta admit it looks sweet but it's certainly no OGR.

Imperator2872d ago

I need someone to clear this up. How is 3D on the 360 going to work?

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deadreckoning6662872d ago

Is this the type of 3D that u need a 3DTV for or the other one like the one that comes with Batman: AA GOTY edition?

BeOneWithTheGun2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

except for that cheesy one with red/blue glasses. :(

blumatt2872d ago

Probably Stereoscopic which means, yes, you need a tv for it. I hope it's not that red/blue crap (otherwise known as anaglyphic 3d).

Hideo_Kojima2872d ago

or you can just play the game cross eyed... it actually gives you no glasses 3d footage with full colour :P

xtreampro2872d ago

RAYMANS BACK!!! in it's original style with better graphics.

Bluemaster772872d ago

Now this is what im talking about this will undoubtedly be the game of the year for me

niceguywii602872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

That gameplay was sick. Co-op, animations, cover system, Gameplay mechanics FTW.

II was surprised about the game's visuals. I wonder if Kinect will allow you to control the robots(drones) etc. when they finally announce how Kinect will be integrated. The weight and momentum of the destructible environmental debree was making my heart jump making me realize the character and even *my own mortality* in real life.

Must pre-order.

THE TRUTH2872d ago

Is it 3d for both 360 and PS3? Game did look impressive combined with 3d really peeked my interest. Forget this motion controls give me 3d gaming.

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