MGS4 Screenies More, Yes More,

It's endless! More gameplay screens from Metal Gear Solid 4. The game actually looked better than these screens. How often can you say that?

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Dr Pepper4161d ago

Those environments look pretty damn big. They should be fun to play around in and use to your advantage.

Maddens Raiders4161d ago

so be it.

Based on what I've seen since launch, and the progression of this system's titles for next year, coupled with the things coming imminently; I believe the Playstation will win another generation of gaming.

Assassin4hire4161d ago

people forget that this system war isn't ending at the end of ' fact its just beginning and sony will surely sell a ton of ps3 with mgs4..and other games..

Dr Pepper4161d ago

To make sure you wont lose bubbles, you should just state some examples, you know, make your argument more supported. You may get a lot of disagrees but I don't think you should lose bubbles over that comment.

Maddens Raiders4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Resistance came out and really satisfied my appetite for a decent shooter out of the box. Now Dr. Pepper I can tell you are an open minded individual simply ny the fact that you show indifference to one's opinion and allow that person to expound. I'm obliged and will expound and at the same time know that I don't have to frame everything in "vs. XBox360 game" scenario. This a global view of what I'm seeing if you follow.

a/w Resistance came out and really exceeded expetations on the PS3. Really it did. 360 owners had their Juggernaut, but for w/e reason RFOM really endeared itself to PS3 fans and a lot of skeptical outsiders. I think largely due to the GREAT work by Insomniac and the Havok engine and the overall smooth online. I mean that stuff raises brows you know?

Then good 'ol Motorstorm. Say what you want, but this is the PERFECT blend of fun fantasy with real effects and physics and mud. On July 20 on Kotaku Michael McWhertor wrote:
============================= ===============================

-- "It's going to be a straight up PLAYSTATION 3 weekend for me, as I'm slogging through Ninja Gaiden Sigma—I'm somewhere around chapter 13 right now and not that skilled yet—and I recently had a revelation. It turns out the Motorstorm is pretty damn fun. I had totally forgotten about the game, despite hyping it for months and picking it up day one. It just didn't get that much play in my PS3 since its release, but I've realized I'm pretty damn good at Motorstorm.

I've also gotta buckle down and spend more time with Persona 3, largely out of obligation. I hope to start posting impressions and semi-review snippets starting Monday, with updates continuing throughout the week. If anyone has questions about the game, feel free to leave 'em in the comments.

Anyway, let's get down to business. What are you playing this weekend?" -- 4:40 PM ON FRI JUL 20 2007
============================= ===============================

...that's what he wrote. That doesn't mean that Motorstorm is better than Super Mario Bros. (1), nor that there weren't some stinkers in the lot of those early releases, but it was a very good game and it really seperated itself from any game of it's type on any other system at the time and still does imo.

For brevity's sake I'm going to keep things inperspective and rely on your good judgement, plus it's late here. But, Look at how quickly the PS3 caught up to the 360 in MP game looks. Yeah EA's Madden deal is disheartening, but you already know what I think of EA right about now and thise idiots WILL eventually get it right for everyone.

Oblivion, NGS, The Darkness, Rainbow 6, and FNR3 look great on these systems and show what the devs can really do when they get down to it. Sure other games on the PS3 (MP) didn't fair well at the beginning and anyone with logic can understand why.

The PSN is working swimmingly despite the little hiccup that I encountered earlier that was my fault =]. You can ask anyone on this site that knows me how often I leave my PS3's on for days on end and not one issue. Not one. The games coming over the next 5 months are looking really, really sweet and everyone is taking notice. Not to mention that SNE has never lost that retarded, but timely macho bravado and it's actually starting to work. @ E3 they blew the doors off the joint and all Hell broke loose when KILLZONE dropped the A-Bomb in there. Let's not even start on what we're seeing with this MGS game. This stuff looks horribly terrific ~~ and it's only been a little over 8 months since this thing launched!!!!!! Amid all of the PROBLEMS and negativity and skepticism it seemed thjis thing would never leave the tarmac and now the most profound thing has happened...this ugly duckling is starting to quack loudly.

I can hardly believe that the games look the way they do now compared to what I'm seeing there. I mean these games can do SO MUCH MORE. I'm almost afraid to play KILLZONE because of nightmares. I mean that shyt looks scary. Think of ALL the games coming for the PS3. Think about it -- it's a long list and there are some doozies coming and they all look great.

360 obviously has a great lineup too and I take nothing away from that company ~ I enjoy competetion and think they are vital to good game making, but they also share some popular MP releases with the PS3 (this Xmas) and remember that the PS3 has all of those undercover PS2 owners to help out this Xmas, and after E3 these people are talking now, believe me they are!

After 360's big guns this year though there really isn't a whopper out there on the horizon that I'm aware. Like I said earlier I'm not going to list all of the forthcoming games for the PS, but it is a wonderful list, that has pleasantly surpirsed this community.

The features are continously evolving and the best thing is that they took $100 dollars off, and you can still trade in your PS2 and 2 controllers and 8M memory card for an additional $100 off. It makes this system very attractive and the gamesm nearly irresistable. It's a very atttractive system and the games are starting to pour in with a high amnount of panache. Think about it. That's why I think that the PS will win again. In fact, I believe they really haven't even gotten started yet.

There, I'm really tired. Sorry for any errors I'll fix tomorrow.

good night

ShiftyLookingCow4161d ago

I too think PS3 will eventually win if it continues what PS2 did, the gap between it and 360 is going to be lesser though, how much lesser thats up to Microsoft to deliver.

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ShiftyLookingCow4161d ago

hmmm.....time to sacrifice some kittens and puppies

Kratosnake4161d ago

jesus effin christ that's sick.

I sure hope kojima decides to be "divine" and release a demo sometime soon. agghhh too long of a wait! Fragggg!

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