E310: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Info

Ripten reports on the latest E3 2010 Ghost Recon Future Soldier information.

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Sandwich Bender2621d ago

God this looks great. The future is the greatest time for anything, ever.

deadreckoning6662621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Game of show so far! And 4 player 3D!!! This is the first game I've seen so far at E3 that I'm questions.

Edit: Did any of u guys also hear HHG? I swear I heard him when the blood started ta spill from that guys head lmao.

"Well I guess Socom 4 has just been replaced.
No health regen
Mad realistic graphics, interaction.
1 hit kills

Zipper, Learn to do things right...even a Multi platform developer knows how to make an amazing tactical tps. "

Agreed. If Future Soldier has Move support..I'll be buying Move as well.

@Guntrol- Is this the type of 3D that u need a 3DTV for?

Hideo_Kojima2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

yeah he keep being rude and than saying sorry...
but it is a better conference than last years UbiSoft conference that was perfect if you wanted to sleep.

So many games are coming out in 3D I want a TV :(

Hurry and get those 3DTV prices down please.

@deadreckoning666 - Yeah I guess... otherwise it will be the red green glasses and that is HORRIBLE. Or it will be PC online 3D but every game on PC can be played in 3D anyway. So this leads me to believe that its the 3D you need a 3DTV for.

deadpoole2621d ago

GRaphics and gameplay is looking awesome ... but how the hell stealth fellas had solid drop shadow ... fail.

Hideo_Kojima2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

because even in the future it will be easy to make yourself invisible but much harder to remove your shadow at the same time.

but yeah you and your teammates were pretty easy to see even from far away.

xHarvey2621d ago

OMG the GFX look sick. I wasn't expecting this game to have such a great showing. It was also interesting to find out that Optical Camouflage is real.

INehalemEXI2621d ago

scary cause you know some wierdo gona figure out how to make a cloak in his garage someday.

ClownBelt2621d ago

I'm very very impress. That was very well done. OMG! Ghost Recon is definitely on my radar now.

tdinc2621d ago

this game is so refreshing from the stale COD BS