The New 360 Dashboard Looks Better Than The Old One

Kotaku: When Kinect is released in November, Microsoft will update the Xbox 360's dashboard to make better use of the controller. This is what that dash will look like, and if you think it's familiar, that's because it is.

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Tony-A2779d ago

Oh, I thought this dashboard was only when you plugged Kinect in?

D4RkNIKON2779d ago

Because it looks a lot like this one

GeneralCole2779d ago

Not only is M$ trying to get the the Wii audience, it looks they are trying to turn the 360 into the Wii XD

dirthurts2779d ago

With motion control it's the simplest way to do it.
That or you'd be swiping all day. That will get old fast.
The Wii missed out on the op to be it's own Wii HD.
You would be crazy not to try to profit on that.

captain-obvious2779d ago

i don't know who you are or what you think
but that's a straight up wii interface rip-off

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Christopher2779d ago

I prefer the current dashboard, honestly.

dirthurts2779d ago

My old dash back...
But I may be the only one.

Christopher2779d ago

Old dash wasn't bad either. I'd go for that one or the current one. Don't care for the one shown at today's conference.

Not that I spend a lot of time using the dashboard, though...

Imperator2779d ago

Who disagreed with Darknikon? It's so obvious MS is just trying to repackage the 360 as the Wii/PS3 clone. It's so pathetic that they can't seem to form their own identity. They resort to stealing from the other two.

Tony-A2779d ago

Thanks for pointing that out. It really does look that way.

It all seems so crazy after watching their conference. It's almost as if they wanted to announce that they were making a PSWii hybrid..

PS3 hardware (shiny, touch, quiet, internal HDD, etc)
Wii software (Wii Menu, Wii-like games, even the names of their Kinect games)

I'm not saying it's bad. I mean, if the Wii is selling so much and the PS3 managed to sell well after such a hefty price tag, they both must be doing something right. It's that the whole thing looks so blatantly obvious.

PS3XBOX360WII2779d ago

Is this a new xbox dash bored again

SOAD2779d ago

And this one joined just three hours ago. It's like Christmas for the PS3 fanboys.

Umbrella Corp2779d ago

Microsft should just stick to one >.<
As soon as I get used to the new one there we go.
Its whatever though i spend like not even a minute on the dashbpard its all about the games :)

fossilfern2779d ago

They should give you the choice to go back to the old blade dash it was 10X easier and less of a mess compared to the one now

dkgshiz2779d ago

Now the NXE is just bombarded with Axe ads and advertisements for Ozzy and MW2.

Silentmerc3nary2779d ago

I like the NXE Better. Seems more "Flickable", which would be like the main reason I buy Kinect.

Silentmerc3nary2779d ago

lol Apparently everyone disagrees.

polow got sol2779d ago

I mainly am gonna get kinect just for this. Strolling through the dashboard minority report style is so effinhg cool

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