Microsoft looks to Kinect as game-changer

Cnet: If one thing was clear in the lead-up to the Xbox 360 E3 press conference, it was that hardcore gamers felt threatened by Microsoft's obvious move toward casual gaming with its forthcoming Kinect motion control system.

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dizzleK2960d ago ShowReplies(3)
ActionBastard2960d ago

And consumers look to Wii and Move.

morkendo2960d ago

Microsoft looks to Kinect as game-changer

lol good luck with that MS... it wont change NOOOTHING!!

Hideo_Kojima2960d ago

The only thing it will do well is that Wii Fit game.

sikbeta2960d ago

game-changer? like from Hardcore to Casual, bad news it's not gonna happen...

D4RkNIKON2960d ago

Move is the best of both Kinetic and the wiimote. Accurate motion controller with precision as well as head and body tracking. The fact that it will work with LBP, Socom, GT5 means that it wont be for casuals only. WIN WIN

IcarusOne2960d ago

I'll start out by saying I'm not sold on Kinect as a means of gaming. Not yet anyway. If it survives, and given time, I have no doubt that devs will find innovative and exciting ways of merging Kinect control with standard controller layouts.

But what Kinect is awesome at right out of the box is controlling multimedia. With simple voice commands and the ability to hold and scroll through movies and music and navigate your dashboard ala Minority Report, this is the new remote control and it looks fun as hell.

But as a gaming interface, Kinect definitely has to prove itself, just like Move. I personally don't care how precise Move is. It's a Wii-mote. Maybe a very advanced Wii-mote, but still a Wii-mote. At least Kinect is trying something different.

So let the SDF lay their flamebait. Let them troll and whine and laugh maniacally. They're just upset that the word Sony isn't in front of such a cool piece of tech.

ActionBastard2960d ago

Holding your hand up, waiting for a cursor to appear, and waving ain't Minority Report. Did you see that movie?

Traveler2960d ago

Sheesh guys, why so much negativity? I think there is a lot of potential in Kinect. I generally liked what I saw.

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earbus2960d ago

I enjoyed it and will get kinect the cardio will help my punished lungs i dont care for console domination if i like it ill play it .

Imperator2960d ago

Indeed, it'll change gaming...for the worse.

Bellcross2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

It's all about marketing and you can bet your ass MS will market the hell out of it this holiday season sad but true.

they got the money to burn.

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