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Microsoft looks to Kinect as game-changer

Cnet: If one thing was clear in the lead-up to the Xbox 360 E3 press conference, it was that hardcore gamers felt threatened by Microsoft's obvious move toward casual gaming with its forthcoming Kinect motion control system. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

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ActionBastard  +   1940d ago
And consumers look to Wii and Move.
morkendo  +   1940d ago
Microsoft looks to Kinect as game-changer

lol good luck with that MS... it wont change NOOOTHING!!
Hideo_Kojima  +   1940d ago
The only thing it will do well is that Wii Fit game.
sikbeta  +   1940d ago
game-changer? like from Hardcore to Casual, bad news it's not gonna happen...
D4RkNIKON  +   1940d ago
Move is the best of both Kinetic and the wiimote. Accurate motion controller with precision as well as head and body tracking. The fact that it will work with LBP, Socom, GT5 means that it wont be for casuals only. WIN WIN
IcarusOne  +   1940d ago
you know it's a great start when the first comment has been labeled TROLLING
I'll start out by saying I'm not sold on Kinect as a means of gaming. Not yet anyway. If it survives, and given time, I have no doubt that devs will find innovative and exciting ways of merging Kinect control with standard controller layouts.

But what Kinect is awesome at right out of the box is controlling multimedia. With simple voice commands and the ability to hold and scroll through movies and music and navigate your dashboard ala Minority Report, this is the new remote control and it looks fun as hell.

But as a gaming interface, Kinect definitely has to prove itself, just like Move. I personally don't care how precise Move is. It's a Wii-mote. Maybe a very advanced Wii-mote, but still a Wii-mote. At least Kinect is trying something different.

So let the SDF lay their flamebait. Let them troll and whine and laugh maniacally. They're just upset that the word Sony isn't in front of such a cool piece of tech.
ActionBastard  +   1939d ago
Holding your hand up, waiting for a cursor to appear, and waving ain't Minority Report. Did you see that movie?
Traveler  +   1940d ago
Sheesh guys, why so much negativity? I think there is a lot of potential in Kinect. I generally liked what I saw.
earbus  +   1940d ago
I enjoyed it and will get kinect the cardio will help my punished lungs i dont care for console domination if i like it ill play it .
Imperator  +   1940d ago
Indeed, it'll change gaming...for the worse.
Bellcross  +   1940d ago
It's all about marketing and you can bet your ass MS will market the hell out of it this holiday season sad but true.

they got the money to burn.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1940d ago
This device killed both MS and Ubisoft's press conferences.
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polow got sol  +   1940d ago
I give you pathetic sony trolls credit you guys are persistent with your bashing and trolling i really do feel you guys must really do look at kinect as something to be feared cant say i blame you guys
sikbeta  +   1940d ago
Feared of What!? Pre-recorded demos with actors and fake control-movements? Stop living in a Delusional World, that thing it wasn't for you in First Place, it is for the casual but it'll not appeal to the casuals cos it's doing the exact same freaking thing the wii does and they already have those wiis gathering dust in home...


Pal, MS didn't show anything at least substantial, everything was so distractive, Cirque De Soleil was doing their job as usual, which is impress the people in the Show, but what's the point of that if the Show was about kinect...
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Kingofalltrolls  +   1940d ago
LMAO you do me proud
webeblazing  +   1940d ago
lmao yall funny as hell
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1940d ago
It really doesn't take a Sony troll to recognize crap when you see it. Kinect as we all witness today was just garbage. The only people praising it are you delusional xbox loyalists.
IcarusOne  +   1940d ago
look at these comments!
Sony fanboys always bitch and moan how xbots swarm their news articles. But here we have a MS article completely run amok with narrow-minded haters. Some days I think N4G is owned and operated by Sony's PR department.
Imalwaysright  +   1940d ago
I dont like kinect and my only fear is that Sony might not have competition for the hardcore market. I guess im one of those people that believes that for any industry to grow it needs more than one company to fight for our money.
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El_Colombiano  +   1940d ago
Well somebody has to.
THE TRUTH  +   1940d ago
Yeah MS looked for Kinect to be a game changer, than release a new redesigned 360 without inclusion of Kinect. Yeah real MS game changer.
X-Frame  +   1940d ago
I could be wrong, but I highly doubt parents are going to justifying $150 (or whatever the bundle costs) for their kid to run in place when they could be running outside.

The Kinect would be the absolute last thing I would buy for my kid if I was a parent. I know it's not just for kids -but Kinectimals? Yeah ..
Bzone24  +   1940d ago
Yeah, with most the kids in the US obese, what kind of parent would want their kids to get off the couch when playing video games and get a little active?
keysy420  +   1940d ago
dont think youll ever see mass
DuneBuggy  +   1940d ago
I dont feel threatened in any way that this is some new MS era that will make the "hardcore" titles i like nonexistant in the future.
I see this Kinect thing as getting people like my wife (who is not a gamer) wanting a console.
The "do it all" box in the living room is somthing I know Sony and Microsoft have worked towards for years.The PS2 being alot of peoples first DVD player for instance. I never felt that it was less of a game system because it also played movies!
Anyway i can see my wife enjoying the video chat with her sister,my daughter playing with some virtual animal,and myself getting a kick out of the voice commands/navigation and possibly Forza?.
It doesnt mean my controller will get dusty from non use..
webeblazing  +   1940d ago
well said my friend i completely agree. its kind of mess up they didnt show new games tho
DuneBuggy  +   1940d ago
Thanks.But we are core gamers, so you can never get enough new games news!
I dunno. Looking at my game collection,i see alot of multiplats. Saw the new Driver tonight and got excited and a few other games too.
Im really looking forward to the Sony event. because a PS3 purchase is coming for two reasons:
1) Its a good "futureproof" Bluray choice.
2) Twisted Metal finally?
Typical-Guy  +   1940d ago
"Microsoft looks to Kinect as game-changer"
Well the game has changed already.
Jrome  +   1940d ago
It changes their game from 2nd place, to 3rd.
despair  +   1940d ago
they aren't wrong it definitely changed the games but not for the better, just one good harcore game with proper kinect use was all they needed for now.....guess it won't be done this year.
DeltaZ3R05  +   1940d ago
yeah a game changer for the worse.
iliimaster  +   1940d ago
and thats why they will fail..... relying on natal aka connection and DLC.... not built or thinking about the long run.....
iliimaster  +   1940d ago
all this time and thats it!?
i dont get it..... all i see is balance games and kiddie stuff.... nothing even remotely worth that price tag.... im not an idiot M$ .... and remember its an aCCESSORY only covered for 15 freaking days at that price!?!?! go F urself M$
Typical-Guy  +   1940d ago
I guess a " game-changer" is the only true thing about this device Microbesoft.
OhReginald  +   1940d ago
M$ is shooting it self in the foot
they will change their whole fan base into casuals and then they will release Halo Fit for the kinetic.
diatom  +   1940d ago
I knew we were screwed when Avatars were introduced.

MS's Wii envy makes me vomit.
Bzone24  +   1940d ago
Move? No Wii envy there?
pandaboy99  +   1940d ago
First HDDVD now kinect....

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