Motion Sports Revealed by Ubisoft for Kinect - writes: "Ubisoft reveals Motion Sports for Microsoft's Kinect."

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deadpoole2873d ago

All kinetic videos are pre-recorded ... the live demo was fake ... you can see in the latest demo motion sports of ubisoft press conference ... felicia was boxing left while video in the background was showing right.

This live demo was shown before Rabbids trailer.

Kinetic demo video of Motion sports is pre-recorded and fake. Recheck it by yourself, if you dont believe me. Videos dont lie.

N4GAddict2873d ago

Wasn't that because the screen was being projected?

Smokeyy902873d ago

Screen had nothing do to with it. If it was the screen the actions would have been delayed even more not shown before the "players" actually moved.

deadpoole2873d ago

nope ... because felicia was carryin out taught/practised routine ... every other move matched with the projection video on screen. but while she was carryin out exercise of left and right arm extension ... it was reverse on projection screen.

deadpoole2873d ago

Ok I was wrong fellas ... yup whose the goose ... me.

Smokeyy902873d ago

Yes, impressions from Kinect have not really been that strong so far.