Aaron Greenberg Comments on Kinect Pricing

Are you eager about the pricing information on Kinect? Microsoft has responded to the constant claims of a $150 price point with an official response from Aaron Greenberg.

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dizzleK2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

i highly doubt they announced this thing without having the details that matter. why so afraid, aaron?

i just had 2 bubbles! easy come easy go. this system is broken.

MattyF2866d ago

Cuz they know the price will be high.

BulletToothtony2865d ago

you always go around acting like you have some big balls..

well man up and tell us the price... how come all of the sudden u actin like a puss

oooh that's right.. you fags waiting for Sony to announce their first huh..

As always MS never leading.. only looking how to put down the competition instead of innovating at all..

SOAD2865d ago

They might still be decided on how much to charge for it. They're still gauging public reception of the product. So far, that circus event fucked up everything, I think. They may have to do some damage control with a better media event tomorrow on MTV as well as more talk show coverage.

bjornbear2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

its basically testing the waters.

remember, all their eggs are in this basket, they aren't just going to fling the basket into the air hoping it will fly.

instead, they are waiting to see public reaction + see what Sony and Nintendo have in store

however, it still does show that MS is clearly not AS confident as they were BEFORE E3
big dog barks loudly but bites softly.

Reibooi2865d ago

The fact that the price was not announced at E3 means it's more then likely to high. Which means MS knows it's to high and to avoid a bad PR fiasco they are not announcing it during the biggest show gaming has to offer.

They will announce it later and try to pass it off as a good price point despite being to high and if it's to high less people will be aware of it due to it not being announced at high profile event. Honestly I would not be surprised if they revealed the price a week or 2 after E3 is over.

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Baka-akaB2866d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Gaugeing the possibly underwhelming reaction , to cut cost and prices around release time .

It will look like they did us a favor , when they sell it 120$/120 euros , rather than the speculated yet probably in the ballpark 150. Emphasis on the "look like"

despair2865d ago

because MS is known to listen to its customers..riighhtt.

SOAD2865d ago

When it comes to the future of their involvement in the gaming industry, I think MS will listen. They have a lot riding on Kinect. It can make or break them. Or at the very least it will force them to work harder on marketing the 360 if they have to cut loos Kinect if and when it fails to garner expected sales.

strotee2866d ago

TRANSLATION: "We're waiting for Sony to show their hand first."

pileobunnies2865d ago

Agreed -- find out what Sony is charging then announce something cheaper while saying things like, "We want to be accessible, unlike those Sony peeps." And people will fall for it.

prodg522865d ago

I was going to say the same thing!

DuneBuggy2866d ago

No need to release firm pricing now. Wait till you have a better idea what the competition is going to do with (Wii/Move) and hold off price info untill its very close to launch time.
LOL..I mean see what they did with the redesigned console? It was only rumored to exist yesterday and then we find out its LITERALLY coming to store shelves.

Baka-akaB2866d ago

wasnt at all a well kept secret , was known for many months ... and doesnt feature anything really that new

DuneBuggy2865d ago

Was there good rumors about? Sure,no argument there.Pretty impressive IMO to keep it secretive enough that they have already BUILT some, and they are about to drop on store shelves though. Sony did a good job with that last year too with the slim.

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