Separated at birth: Microsoft Kinect and Sony Kinetic?

David Carnoy from Cnet: If you're like me and were wondering why Kinect sounded slightly familiar when Microsoft announced the name for its new motion-sensing game technology/platform, it's because about five years ago Sony put out a PS2 EyeToy game called Kinetic.

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BakedGoods2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

First they steal glossy-paint and touch sensitive buttons, now THIS?

I guess imitation IS the best form of flattery.

SixZeroFour2953d ago

so was sony changing slim to matte black imitating the 360? i think not...get off your high if sony was the first COMPANY to use gloss black paint in general

chaosatom2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Come on dude, just LOOK at the name.

Who the hell would vote for that kind of name??????????

user13372953d ago

No sony changed it cause lots of people (a fair few from the media) complained that the shiny look was a "dust magnet". Now microsoft does it, and all of a sudden its "cool glossy finish"

Time_Is_On_My_Side2953d ago

lol, finally someone on this website actually looks at facts and applies it to all companies. People also said that it attracted finger prints, like it means anything and now like you said, "It's cool [on the XBOX 360]"?

beardpapa2953d ago

you do know the ps2 slim was matte black right?

SixZeroFour2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

i agree with sony, it LOOKS nice, but it isnt practical because it attracts dust and fingerprints (or atleast it shows it more)...i was merely commenting on how its always xbox is copying sony, and not vice versa (and i dont want to start)

good ideas SHOULD be copied and even expanded on, but in no way is it a bad thing...too bad ms didnt also include the tray-less drives, cause that was also a thing sony got right

EDIT - ^^
yea, ps2 was matte black, and every console was matte (insert color) before that because of the material they used to make the cases of the talking about the "so and so, copied so and so" aspect, that needs to end

baker_boi2953d ago

Yeah, but the difference with this is, Company B is trying to make a recreation of company A's product close enough, but no EXACTLY enough to be sued.

It's one man making a ham sammich on rye and another making a chicken on whole-wheat, it's more of a "Make whatever they're making so we can get props too".

This is what Microsoft has been doing for years. Stealing other company's software builds(or parts of them) and tacking them onto theirs and reselling it.

Now they're just doing it with hardware. Don't defend the dirtiest company in "Dirty Business Practices 101" to people with common knowledge of them. It's not like the information is a secret.

Archonyto2953d ago

Hey Fanboy they didn't imitate the 360. They were responding to fan feedback about PS3s being dust magnets.

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Kick The Ass2953d ago

How did you people not feel, not smell, not REALIZE the amount of sarcasm in BakedGoods post?

Glossy paint, not invented by Sony
Touch Sensitive buttons, not invented by Sony.
And lemme just look up kinetic for you, here:
Tools, you are all tools.

Bubbles BakedGoods :-)

ThatCanadianGuy2953d ago

Microsoft has no shame *sigh*

dktxx22953d ago

Sony can't, and won't, sue over a similar name. Sony didn't trademark the word Kinetic and all one letter variations of it.

sikbeta2953d ago

If they didn't do it with [Scrap Metal] why bothering now, also Kinetic is a Five years old game...

ChronoJoe2953d ago

No one said they would sue, just that it was pretty low.

I mean Kinect isn't even a good name, it's not natural to say, and illogical to spell. Natal was a soft, unique, memorable word, I quite liked it.

dktxx22953d ago

the article mentions legal teams and trademarks. that heavily implies lawsuits.

N4GAddict2953d ago

Should have just call it Natal

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