E3 2010: Nike Stepped Into The Gaming Ring

Ironstar: As fellow Ironstar crew member Wip3ou7 and myself headed outside the Convention Center for a look, we happened to run into a developer from Nike. As we looked at his badge, it read "Nike Digital" as the company he represented. As we talked to him, he let it slip out that Nike has entered into the gaming industry...

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jay22960d ago

Wow...........Bizarre ideas in there, could be intreasting.

dizzleK2960d ago

how many sweatshops are cranking these games out, nike? i didn't forget.

Pedobear Rocks2960d ago

back in the EyeToy Kinetic days....

Look at the Boxart: NikeMotionWorks

tyrok3k2960d ago

I can't help but call it Microsoft Kinetic because of that game.