Ubisoft Shows Major Love For PS3, Debuts Shaun White Skateboarding

Shaun White has now migrated from the mountain to the pavement with Shaun White Skateboarding. A heavy amount of detail has been included to place you directly in Shaun’s shoes, from a catalog of 80+ tricks to some truly impressive stunts and voice-over work.

In addition, Ubisoft decided to play special emphasis on the Dualshock 3 controller in the player’s hands, promoting the PS3 yet again, which is quickly becoming a trend this year.

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razorc032868d ago

This looks pretty interesting. Love Shaun White

N4GAddict2868d ago

Ill give it a chance since the snowboarding games are good.

N4PS3Fanboys2868d ago

They are spending much more time showing their Kinect games than showing a person hold a PS3 controller.

user94220772868d ago

That's right, Ubisoft, you know where the action is at: the triple baby.

N4GAddict2868d ago

It can't be any worse than Tony Hawk Ride

N4BmpS2868d ago

You can only go up from Ride, unless Tiny Hawk's new game has to use that peripheral.

dktxx22868d ago

Its just a controller. Really doesn't mean much.

FanboyPunisher2868d ago



trounbyfire2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

but after uncharted 2 they all want PS3 power thats why
EA did it as well and we know sony made a deal with ubi for AC2

RememberThe3572868d ago

Probably the same people who swamped me with disagrees when I said that EA using PS3 controllers meant squat. They disagree but fail to give any real reason as to way.

NMC20072868d ago

Shhh, PS3 fanboys need all the boosting they can get.... ahem... good job fellas, controller, eh ah, nice, that's very good.
*claps & nods*

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Assassins Creed Brotherhood it is also on PS3 Version.

lucifon2868d ago

Ironic when it's well known AC1 and AC2 performed significantly worse on the PS3 over the 360. I'm pretty sure they we're either trying to make a point about AC that Brotherhood won't have the same problems, or Sony have been forking out cash.

KingOfOldSkool2868d ago

"well known AC1 and AC2 performed significantly worse on the PS3".. coming from someone who has actually played both versions of AC2 I find your comments reaking of complete bullsh*t.

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The story is too old to be commented.