E310: Reshape the World in Shaun White Skateboarding

In Shaun White Skateboarding, you can reshape the world around you with the power of your skateboard. Seriously, the man gave birth to a tree by skating in a circle.

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N4GAddict2953d ago

It looks better than Ride at least

bruddahmanmatt2953d ago

The demo was awful. It looked like the final stage of Flower...only with Carrot Top on a skateboard.

BakedGoods2953d ago

I'm surprised, a new concept for the skateboarding genre that might actually work.

If anyone can pull this off, Ubisoft can. Canada's got a lot of developer talent.

N4GAddict2953d ago

The snowboarding games are fun so I'll give this a shot.

Sandwich Bender2953d ago

It's a really cool concept. I'm a big fan of Skate, so I don't necessarily want just another skateboarding game. This looks rad.

sasukeftw2953d ago

the game looked rather promising

gynecologistcobra2953d ago

This game looks incredible. Like Fahrenheit 451 (with skateboarding) meets old school Tony Hawk meets deBlob.

matt19912953d ago

Graphics are not the best but the game does look like alot of fun. Ill check it out

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