New Xbox 360 'Slim' 250GB Elite Model Available, Topping Charts


"With the official reveal of the new "slim" Xbox 360 250GB Elite, comes word that it is already for pre-order and set to ship on Tuesday, June 15!

According to Microsoft's press release, the new Xbox 360 250GB is "back in black" with a sleeker and leaner design, is whisper-quiet, and comes with an internal removable 250GB hard drive. It also boasts the fastest Wi-Fi built in on any console.

Amazon has this new model available for pre-order at $299.99 and it is already topping the "Movers & Shakers" list!

Certainly, you would expect this new model to boast a longer lifespan compared to earlier models/versions that were plagued by the dreaded RROD (and other issues)...

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N4GAddict2834d ago

Not really surprise. The new system looks very good.

-Alpha2834d ago

Indeed it is very sexy. My 360 is 3 months old, wish I waited a little.

rlm422833d ago

@Alpha-Male22 I'm with you, I too bought my 360 3-4 months ago..

commodore642833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@ alpha

You have posted the same thing a few times now - clearly you are upset.
Why not take it back to the shop and get a one-for-one exchange?

Failing that, why not look at the positive:
you get a 3 year warranty with your 'old elite' console - the new one only has a year!
Personally, I prefer the non-glossy, curved shape of the old elite.

Either way, both consoles play the same games and usability is exactly the same.

aceitman2834d ago

its no different from the 360 owners wasting money to buy a new 360 before when there system died so they will buy a new one hoping it doesnt fail like the old one just like ms to sucker them in again next they will counter a firmware to shut down pirates so they can buy new ones too

MadMan002834d ago

I guess Sony did the same thing then? They made a Smaller one and people bought it...Please go back your bridge, thanks.

CharlesDCI2834d ago


People bought the Slim because it represented a price drop. That and it looks sexy.

Death2834d ago

The new Xbox 360 will also have a reduced price when the current hardware is sold through. Not many people will buy the older model for the same price of a newer one.


rroded2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

tho ill wait a bit ta b sure its reliable... n hopefully we'll see a price drop.

bout time they did this its much sexier than teh old one.

edit wth still has a power brick...
n no hdmi is kinda chinsy lets jus hope its better qual cause they only got a 1 yr wrnty on it...

SOAD2834d ago

Why must you be this way? Why must someone else's interests infuriate you in such a way that you must call them sheep? Should I call you a sheep for doing what 75 percent of the people on this site are doing? Hmm? Coming into threads that evidently don't appeal to you only to attack other people's interests?

Sometimes I hate the internet. For all the good it's done it has also given us people like you.

Abriael2834d ago

...some bloggers need to get how the "movers and sharkers" list works. A new product topping it is nowhere groundbreaking, not even interesting.

bioshock12212834d ago

So why are you commenting in this story if it's not interesting to you. LOL at the irony.

Anyways I'm kinda shocked it's already topping the charts I really didn't think it would have any effect they really didn't drop price just added more stuff and gave more value it. So I'm surprised it's doing good.

Abriael2834d ago

The movers and shakers chart compares a product to it's previous performance. IE: Any mildly successful new product will go on it automatically, because anything > 0.

There's absolutely nothing surprising and it's not any indication of actual sales performance.

The real killer2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Don't forget this.....................allot of allot USA people who has allready a 360 old will re-purse the new 360 model.

For them it is a new hardware!!

cliffbo2834d ago

it only has a 1yr warranty though.

Bellcross2834d ago

This was expected the question now is how long will the buzz last.

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