Ubisoft Promises “Games You Can Feel”

Joel McHale provided the opening announcements for Ubisoft’s presentation today. In his remarks, he stated that Ubisoft had a new goal to bring about a change in the way peole play games; games that they can feel.

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razorc032810d ago

not just 3D anymore, but 4D!

xtreampro2810d ago

4D is Time and space not the sense of touch

N4GAddict2810d ago

Next-gen vibration feedback

Alcon Caper2810d ago

Like the part where you can grab a snowball in the alpine racing and throw it at your opponent. Then the person whose screen is now covered in snow has to wipe his face with his hands to get the snow off.

That's the kind of thing that I think we need to see more of in Kinect.

N4GAddict2810d ago

Kinect needs hardcore games. What happen to Rare?

Obama2810d ago

I can't believe they were showing that kinect fitness game again. LAME.

Somnipotent2810d ago

everything besides AC:B so far has been meh...

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago

At least we know Rayman and Driver are in the works.

Senden2810d ago

Is it me or has ubisoft lost the plot? Games you can feel? That laser tag game barely even constitutes as a game.. it was a toy. And the stress release thing.. wtf? Also a grown ups toy.. someone tell me how they are even allowed to show that at a games convention?

SeanRL2810d ago

lol i know, the only reason I kept watching was for future soldier

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The story is too old to be commented.