Kinect requires 175MB storage space to run

Still using your original Core Xbox 360? Well, unless you've picked up a hard drive or decent sized memory unit in the meantime, it looks like you might be left unable to use Microsoft's upcoming Kinect motion controller when it launches this November.

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KINGKON512773d ago

Why didnt Microsoft say that at the conference ?, and the price of Kinect ?

FordGTGuy2773d ago

Might not be solid yet, they might be waiting on reactions before setting a solid price.

Sunny_D2773d ago

What they ARE waiting for is the price of MOVE. They are scared right now!

Somnipotent2773d ago

it would have been anticlimactic... all this for the low low price of $150 (console not included)

Dance2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

trolls on this site ar blowing anything to do with kinect out of proportion

kaos_fish II2773d ago

kinda like the same trolls blowing everything 'move' out of proportion too

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