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theunleashed642926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! please let this be true.

- Ghost of Sparta -2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Wait what? Is this real?

Iamback2926d ago

hope its true and this basically means next gen Sly is around the corner in next 12 months

bruddahmanmatt2926d ago

Sucks for all of us with a PS3. Great for Ikea. Lord knows I'll be out of shelf space by the end of the year at this rate. Definitely a must buy.

Redempteur2926d ago

i know the feeling mate ...

15 games bought already this year ( ps3 only )... and the rest of the year ( blazblue CS, GT5 , LBP2 ) is getting better and better

ShinMaster2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I have no idea what you just said...but I agree with the last part. A must buy! :)

Nvm, I got what you said now xD haha

HighDefinition2926d ago

This is amazing. Sly Cooper is a amazing series. Grab this is you haven`t played this. If this is real, the SOTC/ICO collection must be true aswell. Again, this is amazing.

sikbeta2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

OMG! This is So Awesome, Yeah!!!! Sly Cooper Collection FTMFW!!!

the Picture, This must be True, so I assume Sony PS2 Collection will Expand to all Iconic Games + Great Sellers

MitchGE2926d ago

Hopefully this means we'll be getting a Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank collection as well!

Bubble Buddy2926d ago

All we need left is Jak </3 my favorite superhero during the PS2 days.

Snoogins2926d ago

When I read the headline, I went OH SHlT!!! I missed out on these games last gen, and if the price is right, will dive head first into this collection. I bet Adam Sessler is creaming in his pants at the mention of this collection.

shadow27972926d ago

I don't think you'll be disappointed. They're my favorite platformers, bar none. What can I say? I have a thing for stealth and heists.

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labaronx2926d ago

Wow now i should wait to buy if true, lol

MajestieBeast2926d ago

wahahah sony keep doing your thing this is insane cant wait for tommorow with deadspace 2 using the move you know its coming.

jdktech20102926d ago

Sweet if true....but this 3d crap is annoying. The tech won't be in my price range for a couple years

tyrex2926d ago

one day it will be. just like any new tech. my point is it's probably better to start now rather than later.

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The story is too old to be commented.