Need For Speed Hot Pursuit | Fact Sheet, Release Date, Debut Trailer

Fans of the venerable Need For Speed franchise, specifically the era of NFS III: Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted, can now weep with joy. Those with their finger on the pulse of the series have known that Criterion (Burnout Paradise) would be developing the next entry, but seeing it in motion markedly increases our anticipation.

Collecting all the info in one place, we've got the official fact sheet, debut trailer, and initial screenshots.

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MattyF2898d ago

Great to see them bringing this franchise back.

N4GAddict2898d ago

Can't wait for more Need for Speed

UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

Yes, back to the root. This is the NFS I love and enjoy, so hopefully it's good. Please let it have a good Driving Force GT support.

mercenarie2898d ago

are def the people Need For Speed needs for its reboot, they did an amazing job with burnout paradise.

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SpaceSquirrel2898d ago

Glad to see Need for Speed return to the Hot Pursuit roots.

killyourfm2898d ago

I think that windy, snaky road in the front of the trailer is Highway 1. Man, I remember playing that road on the ORIGINAL NFS...on the 3DO. Really.

SpaceSquirrel2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

They should include some of the old school tracks

Roper3162898d ago

Now if we could only get SE to do the same with FF and go back to what made the series great. A Criterion NFS Hot Pursuit is gonna be crazy good.

Delt42898d ago

One word.......FUN! Cant wait to play NFS again WOOT

killyourfm2898d ago

Indeed! NFS Shift was superb on a technical just wasn't any FUN

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