Hot Shots Golf 5 Gets Four 9's From Famitsu

It looks like Clap Hanz has done it again. Though not as popular in the United States then in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Hot Shots Golf series has always delivered a solid golf experience. The game has received the highest overall score in this month's Famitsu magazine. Grab your bags and hit the links, offline or with a friend online!

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supnub53836d ago

at least 300k pre- orders and ~200k store sales won't dissapoint japanese.

Marceles3836d ago

lol @ disagree on every post...looks like there was a troll in here, but yay for Hot Shots Golf!

ChanDangle3836d ago

I can't wait for this game! I wonder how much first week sales are gonna be in Japan.

supnub53836d ago

1mil. yeah baby.bubbles please.

Maddens Raiders3836d ago

Hey PS3 owners

Is anyone having trouble with -
the account mangm't =====> edit profile =======> change avatar menu?

Let me know. I'm getting a server error (repeatedly).

hongthay3836d ago

mine is working, but I connect through the server in Korea.

I am looking forward to this game. I like the new swing mechanic.

FungLip3836d ago

My record is -5; anyone got better than that?

Bathyj3836d ago

Where's the demo, at the Japanese store?

Figboy3836d ago

yeah, it's on the Japanese PS Store.

it's been there for a few months now.

it's pretty good as far as i can tell, being as how i've never played the Hots Shots game (not into golf, but the anime characters helps. lol)

crck3835d ago

its getting good reviews. I love the demo. My best is -2.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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