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Submitted by ascendantofrain 2067d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft’s New Xbox 360 – Where Did it Go Right/Wrong?

To anybody who doesn’t know. This week is the biggest gaming week of the year for gamers. This week marks the time when gamers get a gander at any new and upcoming software and hardware from the “big three” in Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Monday, June 14, marked the day that Microsoft had it’s press conference for E3 2010. The biggest reveal of their press conference was most notably the announcement and reveal of the new Xbox 360 design.

Along with the reveal of Project Natal a.k.a Kinect, the Xbox 360 and it’s motion “controller” both received similar design overhauls. While the design of the new Xbox 360 is extremely slick and has great features, it doesn’t come without faults. (E3, Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Project Natal, Tech, Xbox 360)

dizzleK   2067d ago | Trolling | show
-Alpha  +   2067d ago
Well it's a great new device, much better than the original 360.

The design should have happened a long time back, but I don't really find anything wrong with it except:

-New HDDs that aren't compatible with older models, + $20 to transfer= BS.

It's a nice looking console and helps the 360 look more trendy and modern.

Edit: Holy crap, 5 USB ports? That's nice.
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Nike  +   2067d ago
I think it's a good device as well (though the main body design does evoke some major Wii deja vu), but that people were disappointed because there wasn't any change in price. I do applaud them for making it available from Monday onwards to the public.

However, one thing I found incredibly shady was how they were giving free XBox 360 S consoles to those in attendance. I hope the more trust-worthy journalists refused them (you know who you are, Hsu, Takahashi and Gerstmann).
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hmmmm  +   2067d ago
Why would you hope they refused something that was given to them for free? Im sure you would have taken it, who wouldn't? its free!
blumatt  +   2067d ago
They added Wifi and 5 usb ports. On the flip side, there's still a power brick and the damn hard drive is still not a standard SATA 2.5 like the PS3. Bad move with those last two things.
RememberThe357  +   2067d ago
Yeah that 20$ transfer is crap.
But I'm sorry to say I'd probably do it. My Mass Effect file is on there and I'm not going to do all that crap over again.
OneSneakyMofo  +   2067d ago
They went wrong about three years ago with the red ring. They should have fixed that ASAP. I guarantee had MS gone ahead and fixed their problems or waited six months to stabilize their console, they would probably be close to the Wii in first place.

Now they are trying to play catch-up with the Kinect and now the 360 S. Too bad the Kinect failed miserably and the 360 S will be a hit-or-miss depending on the next couple of months (for reliability sakes).
commodore64  +   2067d ago
I agree they went wrong with the rrod.

Had they got that right, they indeed might be near the wii in terms of sales. That $1 billion in rrod losses didn't help either, although it is a far cry from the $5 billion that Sony has lost on the ps3 so far.

However, I gotta call you out for trolling with regard to this:
"..Too bad the Kinect failed miserably"

Kinect hasn't even released yet.
How can you say it has "failed miserably"?

That's a fail, son.
Try to think before you speak.
Christopher  +   2067d ago
Good device, but doesn't fix my two biggest complaints:

1. Non-proprietary HDD
2. Quieter disc drive

I don't mind if it's external wi-fi, there's a way to get it. I don't mind if it only has 2 USB slots, there's a way to expand them. But those two items? I can't fix them unless Microsoft does.
rkimoto  +   2066d ago
Looks pretty damn good I might say, so maybe Microsoft is serious on going with the 360 for the long haul too... Which makes me happy because I don't have enough money for new consoles in the short term!!!

I would want new consoles to come out at least 4 years from now.
dorkyfresh11  +   2067d ago
Right with it

1 - Wi-Fi

2 - Lots of USB ports

Wrong with it

1 - No answer to the demand for growing software storage capacity (Blu-Ray)

2 - the official name (Xbox 360 S) is left up to the fans to have fun with (or make fun of)
TheAwesomessMan  +   2067d ago
Actually, I kinda like the name but as long as you don't say the whole (Xbox 360 S) and just saying '360 S' even though though saying something something 360 is like going going stopping then going because you really can't say something and then say 360 all together fluently without stopping to say 360... yea.
IcarusOne  +   2067d ago
Wait. You honestly for any amount of time thought that MS would incorporate blu-ray into their remodel? Um...what? Really? Why? Who are you?

I'm so confused.
dorkyfresh11  +   2067d ago

then you can blame your assumptions. i didn't say that i expect them to incorporate blu-ray (even in any of their future consoles). i simply said that they still have no answer. they're using last gen media, it would've answered a lot of their problems and propelled gaming forward if they had an answer to this problem.
IcarusOne  +   2067d ago
alright, let's talk about "propelling gaming forward"
(I'll put this up front: this is a long reply.)

Let's just consider Red Dead Redemption - a multiplat that does more for pushing gaming forward than any other game I can think of. While the PS3 crowd might care solely for graphics, I'm looking at the gameplay and design. Sure, KZ2 and UC2 and GOW3 are beautiful, but they're fairly standard when it comes to gameplay and actual innovation.

Look at RDR and how large the world is. Now look at the AI and the way pretty much everything, from strangers on the road to the animals you hunt, behaves in such a unique and believable way. Then factor in the day night cycle and the lighting engine. I've actually sat on my horse for ten minutes just watching the sun set and rise, it's that beautiful. Then consider the weather and how ferocious the lightening storms are and the wind ripping through the trees. This to me is the definition of a next-gen game - in its gameplay, it's visuals, it's sound, and ABOVE ALL ELSE, it's storytelling, characters, writing and acting.

If ever there was a studio that 100% disputed the supposed limitations of DVD9 it's Rockstar. Of course, you can argue that on blu-ray it would've been even more spectacular, and that's probably true, but it doesn't dispute my argument that you don't need blu-ray to create a totally immersive, mind-blowing gaming experience. Nor do you need it in order to tell a good story.

Time and time again, the games that have captured my imagination the most have been on "last gen hardware", and some of them multiplats, from Arkham Asylum to Assassin's Creed, from Mass Effect to Fable. PS3 exclusives sure do make my eyeballs bleed, but so does every Michael Bay movie.

Red Dead Redemption is like a movie written by the Coen brothers, directed by Clint Eastwood, and shot by Roger Deacons. The talent and craft of the narrative is rivaled only by the massive expanse of a truly cohesive world.

And they made it all happen on that oh-so-last-gen, oh-so-antiquated Digital Versatile Disc.

I go where the true artists go. And true artists don't give a shit about the format. So neither do I.
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dorkyfresh11  +   2066d ago
i'm a designer/artist/developer for a military contractor...
. don't give me this crap about how artists don't care about format. you made some really good points and i agree with some of them, however, ideas aren't the only things that propel games forward. if you have a truly epic vision and run into space problems (like several gaming companies are complaining about), then you obviously need more space.
theXfactor  +   2067d ago
It does look better than the original 360 and 2 extra USB ports + built in wifi and a bigger HDD are all nice touches, but I don't think that justifies keeping it at a $300 price tag ($320 if you want to keep your old game saves.)
TheAwesomessMan  +   2067d ago
I think keeping it at $300 is fine seeing as how they added something worth buying it for 2 extra USB ports, wifi 802.11n kinect ready where as buying the original 360 at $300 then buying a wifi adaptor of wireless adaptor plus the dungle for kinect and then kinect would probably run $600-$700.
theXfactor  +   2067d ago
compared to the original 360
It is an absolute bargain, but imo the original 360 was overpriced as it is...adding 2 USB ports ad wifi couldn't have costed much and when you compare it to the competion rather than to its predecessor it is not a good price at all. Also, aren't all 360 "kinect ready" (as in compatible with kinect?)
Again, this is just my opinion.

On another note. That was a good reply. How do the "bubbles" work. I'm new lol.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2067d ago
great device, price drop would have been the icing on the cake
i like it, if gamestop does a promo for trading the elite for the "S" i will upgrade
etownone  +   2067d ago
I think they are goin to try and clear out the stock of elites out now, and then probably drop the price of this new console to $249 either in sept for that holiday rush or alongside the release of Kinect.

If they would have dropped the price now, then existing elites would have had to be dropped even more like down to $200.
Dylantalon1  +   2067d ago
xbl/psn- dylantalon
the only thing microsoft did right at the e3 conference was closing up and leave the stage. everyone can agree that microsofts showing at e3 was underwhelming if you are a core gamer.
ascendantofrain  +   2067d ago
While I agree that their conference was pretty "meh"...they did have a good showing with the core games before they started all of the Kinect hullaballoo garbage.
QuantumWake  +   2067d ago
I agree that in the beginning of Microsoft's press conference, they were off to a good start. They demoed Blacks Ops, Halo: Reach, Gears 3, showed off a new trailer for Fable 3 and then they announced that new game Kingdom. I was pretty excited to see what they were going to show next. But after the Gears 3 demo I believe, once they started talking about Kinect, it sort of went downhill from there.

It's sad to see that all the hype I built up ever since they announced that they would have 2 separate conferences be destroyed since Kinect basically took up most of the press conference. I actually thought they were going to dedicate their conference to hardcore gamers. But I guess Kinect got the better of them.



I think the new 360 looks pretty awesome. It has a nice slick design and a lot new features. After reading the analysis from Digital Foundry, its nice to know MS took the way of the combined CPU and GPU into a 45nm fab. Overall, MS did a great job designing it.


EDIT: Btw, here is the link if anyone interested in reading the Analysis for the new 360:
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TheAwesomessMan  +   2067d ago
This true. I was reading a blog post earlier about how we didn't get any new games that wasn't for kinect. Just think forever you are stuck with 4-5 exclusive sequels. idk about getting the 360 we I think of that Halo and Gears are fun games but we want something new.
IcarusOne  +   2067d ago
You've got disagrees. Guess not everyone agrees with your opinion.
ForROME  +   2067d ago
it should be 249 and the disc tray is lame as hell, but other than that I love it
ascendantofrain  +   2067d ago
Yeah, that was one thing I forgot to mention, the disc tray. They may have fixed the RRoD problem but have they fixed the circular scratch on discs problem that was caused by the old school loading tray??
ForROME  +   2067d ago
Im sure it as, as they are using wisper quiet drives now, thats another thing i want to see it disected and I want a report on the noise of it
etownone  +   2067d ago
I think they will drop the price to $249 when they clear the existing stock of elites right around the time for that holiday rush in sept or a price cut alongside with the release of Kinect.
dpenrose  +   2067d ago
The fact that i have yet to see it on it's side. I cant tell if you can lay it down or not. Keeping the original launch 360 in a tower position would scratch the disc.
lzim  +   2067d ago
no it doesn't. but thanks for playing.
hmmmm  +   2067d ago
Yeah, it only scratched the disc if you were dumb and tried to move it from vertical to horizontal while it was turned on..
Socomer 1979  +   2067d ago
Can any of you guys tell me what the white robes was all about?
I don't have a pc & I haven't been able to watch the conference on my ps3 because gamespot messed up. Any good links that work on ps3's browser?
ascendantofrain  +   2067d ago
You can try but I can't guarantee it'll work on the PS3 browser.
lzim  +   2067d ago
I don't like the look. Seems too close to PS3 (not hating but not liking it either).

no bluray, = fail
no 5 USB 3.0 = failed to future proof the console
How are you supposed to connect older MUs? (are they discontinued too?)


I do like the integration of optical into the console, that's very nice.

Haven't heard yet if they are stopping production on the older models. IF they get that done fast it would mean price cut much faster than making several versions of the console. (a practice they need to kill like pulling a rotten tooth)
CaptainPunch  +   2067d ago
They should of had bulit in WiFi from the start
lzim  +   2067d ago
then we'd be stuck with G since they didn't want to integrate N until it was certified.
JumpNPlayBon  +   2067d ago
wait, what?
MWong  +   2067d ago
Shinny (looks like the original PS3), add 2 extra USB ports, built in wifi (should've been there at launch), a 250Gb HDD (BLAH ... still gotta love the PS3 standard SATA 2.5 can put a 500Gb HDD in there for about $85)and smaller power brick ... not too impressed, isn't worth the cost. They should have done this 3 red rings ago now I am not loving M$ so much anymore. Kinect looks like crap I am all for new innovations, but it's pretty much a Sony EyeTOY. Not to say that the Move I mean the Wii+ Mote is impressing me either.
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Gen_X  +   2067d ago
I was so blown away by the new 360 re-design and the whole Kinect XBox Live integration thing, that I've decided to sell my PS3 along with recently purchased copies of RDR/Demons Souls in order to buy a new 360 slim.

I really dont see the point in owning a PS3 anymore anyway aside from a couple of exclusives that I happen to enjoy.

PSN - True_Elite_Gamer
Live - HAPPY70
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wildcat  +   2067d ago
While I wouldn't find it very reasonable myself to sell one console, and miss out on great upcoming games, to purchase a redesign of a console I already own; I understand that after all it is your decision and it would be unfair of me to impose my own feelings onto your opinion.
Fanb0y  +   2067d ago
To be honest, the PS3 exclusives that seem fun to play aren't coming out till much laaaater.... Resistance 3? Motorstorm? Killzone 3?

Xbox exclusives are much closer to the present.
wildcat  +   2067d ago
Resistance and Motorstorm are very likely holiday releases. Regardless of when they are coming out, though, he is going to have to buy a PS3 all over again in order to enjoy those games. On the bright side, he might land a price cut or a sweet bundle if he indeed decides to buy another one.
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wildcat  +   2067d ago
All I'm thinking is how I shouldn't have bought that 360 back in January to play Mass Effect 2. It's an excellent redesign though, so sexy!
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Fanb0y  +   2067d ago
Alpha Male is cutting himself right now. If only if he held out for a month...
wildcat  +   2067d ago
Haha it's going to feel brutal for a lot of people, I see.
DJKGBYF  +   2067d ago
It seems to me that this should have been the Xbox 360 released back in 2005 not 2010. Maybe then mine wouldn't have broken 3 years after I bought it.

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