E3'10: EA Press Conference Summary

[email protected] Writes: "EA kicks off their E3 with one great conference and with a lot to show off. From a new Need for Speed, all the way down to The Sims 3 , BulletStorm and much, much more. Here are some key notes shown off at EA’s Press Conference:

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gfunkera102773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The conference was outstanding. Enjoyed.

andrewf912773d ago

EA did a job well done, not bad EA, not bad.

dktxx22773d ago

Watching MS's and Ubi's conferences really makes me appreciate how EA handled theirs. Games and straight up information, no bullsh!t theatrics.

Mista T2773d ago

yeah, no sh!tty acting. they got straight to the point. there games were pretty good too. they schooled MS and ubi

N4GAddict2773d ago

Yup, they were much better than Ubi and Microsoft

morkendo2773d ago


Aikuchi2773d ago

They both announced games for Kinect but nothing for Move. I especially didn't understand why they couldn't integrate PS Eye into there fitness game like they did with Kinect.