Xbox 360 slim HDD data transfer cable to retail for $20

Joystiq: A question you may be asking yourself: If I upgrade to an Xbox 360 Slim, how do I transfer the data on my current Xbox to the new one? It was revealed to us at Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim unwrapping event that the new console will support the current data transfer cable (originally made for the Xbox 360 Elite). We also learned that the cables will be available at retail for $19.99 -- a very good thing considering how hard the cables are to find these days. The cables should be available when the new consoles hit the shelves (which should be any day now).

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deadreckoning6662836d ago

Jesus Christ! All M$ thinks about is the money!

FordGTGuy2836d ago

They are a business.

Just like Sony and Nintendo.

-Alpha2836d ago

Yes they are, but what a, for lack of a better word, retarded concept. Why even change the design of the hard drive anyway?

Anorexorcist2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

but not all of them are so focused on predatory penetration pricing like Microsoft.

Crazy Larry2836d ago

Or you can just use any number of flash drives laying around your house. The 360 can do that ya know. Just tested one today. Data transfer is a piece of cake.

Reibooi2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

This is really stupid. I know it's not that much to pay for the cable and all that but based on the size of the new Xbox they could have used the old Hard drives if they wanted to which means they did this for the sole purpose of making those die hards who already own a 360 and are gonna buy a new one pay more money by needing to buy another cable they will only use ONCE.

It's just stupid.

Imtey2835d ago



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FordGTGuy2836d ago

Are you guys really saying that neither Sony or Nintendo are businesses and don't care about making profit?

Don't get me wrong I think its retarded that it costs $20.

Godmars2902836d ago

Does either one offer HDDs or other accessories that can only be used with their products? Nevermind the old issue of having to pay a subscription to pay online, or to have that in addition along with fees to Netflix for which MS is always talking up.

pippoppow2836d ago

It's undeniable MS gives the least but takes the most. Sure it's a business but there are companies who value their customers vs those that will bleed them dry. MS will continue to take advantage of their fanbase with little in return.

FordGTGuy2836d ago

Microsoft has only added to the Gold Service and has never increased the price of it.

If anything Nintendo gives the least and takes the most.

pippoppow2836d ago

Nintendo doesn't give much back but then their online service is free. Nintendo also has more true exclusives but I do think they could make more original games instead of the usual rehashes.

360 charges a fee for what? Apps. Some that have an extra fee. Where are the multi-player games that have 64-256 players. How about new IPs and more dedicated servers. Then there's the expensive add-ons (kinect the newest).

They give you a redesigned console which should cost less to make but MS want's to sell it at the same price as the PS3. Probably as to not convey any inferiority tech wise and of course greed. But they do have the ever popular timed exclusive DLC and full retail games along with fluffy apps.

SOAD2836d ago

Yeah? What should they think about?

Godmars2902836d ago

Giving some actual value for their product, not just seemingly worrying about how they can get more money out of it.

I mean, you buy a 360 w/o a clue, and you're paying for XBL just to get Netflix and LastFM, which you also have to pay for. Know what you're getting into and at best you're looking for cheaper than offered XBL points and subscription months.

Apply the same to Sony, and if you know what you're getting into, you're getting free movies and music off the web thanks to the browser. Buying BR movies if not getting them off Netflix or PSN if you want the quality stuff.

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josh143992836d ago

i bet the cable costs about 10p to make aswell

dizzleK2836d ago

i swear they used to be free, all you needed to do was call ms.


the keyword here is " use to be ".... use to be...

oh MS, Woe onto you !

SOAD2836d ago

Are these transfer cables also proprietary? Will a third party transfer cable work on this? If not, Microsoft is at it again.

SixZeroFour2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

should be an "extra" bundled, like the controller and headset...$20 just to transfer data from the hd that they basically made obsolete :S (cause i heard they are going to discontinue original xbox production soon)

EDIT: btw, just watched a different vid about the unboxing and reminded me of usb drives...couldnt you transfer data with 16gb usb drives? i would assume that there isnt a single file bigger than 16gb yet...yes, it would take ALOT longer, but if you already have one, you wouldnt need the cable, am i correct?

blumatt2836d ago

Yeah it's complete bullshit. All new slim 360s should come with a transfer cable for free.

SOAD2836d ago

It would also further the assumption that the only people who buy these redesigned 360s are people who own 360s already.

Microsoft is going to assume that most people who purchase this 360 won't need a transfer cable, so they're aren't going to go the extra mile for the people who do need it.

Bzone242836d ago

Yes it can be done with a flash drive. Transfer cable isn't really needed.

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