Couture and Fedor to Headline EA MMA as Cover Athletes

"Randy Couture and Fedor Emelinanenko have been chosen to headline EA MMA and will share cover space come release time. Couture is a Hall of Fame UFC fighter and highly recognizable, while Fedor is the most well known non-UFC fighter, and one of the mainstays of the Strikeforce lineup. Including both should be a great way to involve casual MMA fans."

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cain1412777d ago

Including Fedor is smart. That way they can get Coutures name recognition while keeping the Strikeforce ties to the game and not looking like they "need" the UFC

johnbknight2777d ago

that is going to be sick, looking forward to it, hope they don't overrate or underrate them though...

cain1412777d ago

I think the nice thing is since I don't know most the fighters I can just pick a guy whose style I like vs feeling like certian guys are the elite ones / over or underated...

uscore2777d ago

I'm with John on that. Pretty smart in terms of marketing. Very interested in seeing how it sells though. I think I skimmed by a report in my newsfeed today that said UFC sales were down to disappointing levels.

cain1412777d ago

That could honestly be partially due to EA MMA...