Top 5 Most Difficult Online Games on Xbox 360

Games like Ninja Gaiden, Contra, and Battletoads know what it means to be difficult. These games brought frustration and anger along with the packaging, so many controllers may have been sacrificed. But going against the computer is very different from going against other players. Compared to offline gaming, competing online against a superior player would bring back those negative emotions. Who knows why we have these antagonistic feelings but at times we feel cheated. On Xbox 360, LIVE connects gamers to either compete or cooperate in these troublesome games. Here are some of the hardest games we've played on Xbox Live:

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Ace Killa 082954d ago

Aeigis wing!! if they throwing that arcade game into the list, they have never played ikaruga. that game is the most difficult ones ever!!!!!! i agree with gears though its a hard game to play, but i dont think it deserve #1

SKGamer2953d ago

Gears 2 is hard to play online due to the poor balancing of the competitive modes...

And while Modern Warfare 2 is difficult, it's not that bad if you've played through the campaigns on Veteran. I started the online recently, and did waaay better than I thought I would.

VenerableBmoney2953d ago

I'm 100% with you on Modern Warfare- but like SKGamer, I say the multiplayer is way harder than the single player. Too many changes from CoD4. Too much emphasis on killstreaks (and as a result, camping).

Ninja Gaiden is missing though. Such a gnarly franchise for difficulty.