True Crime Hong Kong to look better than it's predecessors

Remember the first few "True Crime" games by Activision? Well get ready to erase them from your memory. With new developer United Front Games, Activision plans on wiping the slate clean and giving the True Crime series another go. Set to release this fall, "True Crime: Hong Kong"(TCHK) already seems to be both one semi auto-matic and one step forward, in the right direction

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SKGamer2836d ago

Wasn't a fan of the previous ones, so this had better be an improvement if it's going to attract me.

Rock Bottom2836d ago

Wasn't its predecessor a PS2 game?

VenerableBmoney2836d ago

I don't doubt this will step up over its predecessors. But open world games are polished by Rockstar- that should be the goal toward which Activision strives.

I'll check this out. I like games of this nature, just not poorly developed ones. *fingers crossed*

BeaRye2836d ago

I hope so since they were last-gen. :)