Develop UK Conference: Day 1 Delves Into Mobile

The Develop Conference 2007 in Brighton, UK, kicked off with its one day Mobile event, basking in predicted strong annual sales growth, while also highlighting the obstacles that are perceived to be restricting the industry's wider growth.

Chris White, head of European studios for Glu Mobile, put the issue of porting into sharp relief with his statement that the company's recent Transformers game required 20,000 SKUs to cover all the handsets and languages needed for its global launch.

The increasing performance gap between high-end and low-end devices is making the problem worse, particularly in the case of 3D games such as Project Gotham Racing, he said, as such cases required what were effectively multiple games development projects to target standard Java, various different versions of Java 3D (such as the JSR184 and Mascot Capsule), and native 3D versions for BREW, Symbian and Windows mobile.

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