E3 2010: Where was Milo? Kinect Abandons Hardcore?

Game-Smack Ireland: Microsoft's press conference was very much like a roller coaster ride. It started very well. It came out boasting a timed exclusive with the Call of Duty franchise for it's DLC for the next 3 years and then went on to show some gameplay footage of Gears of War 3 and Halo: Reach. After that though things began to go stale.

Project Natal's new official name "Kinect" then took centre stage. It shut up some critics by showing us that the voice and facial recognition does in fact work well. It showed from a media standpoint that Kinect is a great product. The problem? E3 is, at the heart, about showing the best games you have coming up. Not about media.

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saint_john_paul_ii2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

1. Kinect is not a great product as it limits you from playing lots of other genres with it

2.Lag(anyone saw the track and field game? I was like WTF?)

3. its expensive

4.its a casual games fest

Iamback2779d ago

I called it 350 days ago, Milo was smoke and mirrors, like everything last year.

GeneralCole2779d ago

Exactly, there never was a Milo, it was just the usual BS being pulled by M$.

D4RkNIKON2779d ago

WHOA WHOA wait just a second.. Milo was for the hardcore????

kneon2779d ago

There certainly was a Milo. Unfortunately he was one of the kidnapped kids in Heavy Rain and Peter didn't manage to complete the challenges and rescue him before it was too late :)

The_Firestarter2779d ago

Of course Milo was for the hardcore.......hardcore pedophiles!

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qface642779d ago

how can kinect abandon the hardcore if it was never there for hardcore to begin with?

go ahead and disagree but kinect never once showed something that should have made people assume it was gonna be hardcore or there for the hardcore

Spydiggity2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

anyone that wasn't a fanboy on the other side knew that natal was obviously meant to be wii's competition. not the next hardcore peripheral.

it looks like it's just meant to be good clean fun, and i imagine that's what it'll be. nothing amazing, but nice to have around for get togethers. especially for ppl who don't have a wii already.

oh yeah...and since when did anyone associate Milo with hardcore? lol. and to the guy a few comments above. you must be really smart to know milo was smoke n mirrors. nobody else could tell that but you.........

Alcon Caper2779d ago

Although they showed some neat things like Kinectimals and Dance Central, I was really disappointed with Kinect's overall unveiling.

I wanted to have more interactivity with games like Condemned or Ruse. Heck, even a Harry Potter game would have been welcomed. I really am disappointed in what they showed when many creative commenters have come up with more seemingly innovative ideas.

I mean they didn't even have anything as neat looking as Red Steel. Even if it were a pre-rendered movie or even alpha footage, it would have been easy to show what the first party devs of Kinect could have in the works. Like a first person fighting/boxing game or something like that.

Are they really going to rely on 3rd parties to take the reins with this new product???

HolyOrangeCows2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Did you guys know that Kinectimals is freaking $60? And I mean by itself!

I'm not sure if Microsoft even knows about the casual audience they're trying to attract...

-Alpha2779d ago

HOC, is that a joke? Are you serious??

Biggest2779d ago

I don't want to believe this. There is no way that a company can be so displaced from reality.

webeblazing2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

it looks like a good game too ill get it for my niece not sure bout kinect tho needs more games. plus he was gonna be my drinking buddy

Lightsaber2778d ago

Alpha of course hes serious hes a ps3 fanboy.

Kinectimals is a game I'd love to get for my neice (she 5)in fact I think she have a blast with Kinect.

However as a gamer I hate the damn thing and hate so so call "games" that are coming out for it. Ok star wars looked cool but thats it

Ult iMate2778d ago

Here's a prooflink
Kinetimals for $60.

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Imperator2779d ago

Milo was fake. Kinect failed.

Megaton2779d ago

Milo is broken. IGN interviewed a dev several months ago who said they were recently at some closed event for Natal (when it was still Natal), and they said Molyneux was doing a Milo demo on stage with audience participation and it was a total train wreck. Nothing worked properly.

I almost feel bad for the people who have been towing the "wait for E3" line all year. Almost.

blumatt2779d ago

Has anyone noticed the 120gb slim ps3 is going for the same price as the 250gb father's day ps3 on Also, the damn 120gb Elite 360 is still $299 even though the new slim 360 is $299.

despair2779d ago

it looks like they're out of stock of PS3s, the price reflects one of the external sellers through amazon.

MNicholas2779d ago

It was aimed at the "casual" audience.

The big problem is that, as usual, Microsoft over promised and under-delivered.

They promised Milo but delivered Wii + PS2 EyeToy at a higher cost than those combined.

The_Firestarter2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

too much focus on motion crap from everybody thus far: EA, MS, & Ubisoft.

For every ONE hardcore game (the audience actually cares about), there's a flood of motion game bullshit that appeals to NOBODY in the audience.

So far this E3 is one big joke.

Adva2779d ago

Dead Space 2,
Crysis 2,
Medal of Honor,
Gears 3,
Looked pretty good. Best E3 presentation so far goes to EA. My opinion.

ingiomar2779d ago

To be honest with you guys i a 360 fan am dissapointed as well but this made me think microsoft is holding back on us.. i mean were is milo and that other secret lionhead project ow and fable 3(wtf was that i want real gameplay!) .. where are the rare games(that kinect sports game DOESN't count!)?
and im sure 343 was also working on some game..and turn 10 is sure to be working on forza 4 or some other racing game
maybe they used this e3 for the more casual gamers.

Ow well TGS(Tokyo Game Show)then?

edit: ow and Playstation is sure to win this one congratulations PS fans but don't let it go to your head ;)

KINGKON512779d ago

Milo was a important part of Microsoft PROPAGANDA

sikbeta2779d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

*Look at title*

Milo & Hardcore -> !?

Milo was a Hardcore Game? I thought it was... I really don't know what it was, but I saw it as a way to show some interaction rather than a Real Game...

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dizzleK2779d ago

i'm surprised milo hasn't been hit with rule #34 yet....well maybe in nambla literature he has.

harv7112779d ago

+bubble for NAMBLA reference.

blumatt2779d ago

Actually I think it's written NAMbLA. (north american man boy love association) haha I remember some guy I used to go to high school with would always yell "NAMbLA! It's the NAMbLA!!" hahaha Soooo funny! Either way you write it though, it's a pretty fucked up organization and they should all be shot for such perversion.

ichimaru2779d ago

Im not sure it "Abandoned" the hardcore since i never viewed it as a product geared toward that demographic...

Bnet3432779d ago

I think with Kinect, the launch games are going to be casual games. These are the entry level games, so to speak. Later on, as we move on, we'll start seeing major studios like let's say Bungie or Epic announce something for Kinect.

Cajun Chicken2779d ago

Yeah, just like the million of core Wii games made aside from Nintendo published ones.

oldjadedgamer2779d ago

Hardcore games generally do not do well on the Wii. If MS is trying to be successful in the casual market, then they will recreate what nintendo has done - mosts family oriented games.

And to be honest, would Kinect be worth buying at around 150$ for a couple of decent hardcore game?

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