E3 2010: Microsoft on Xbox 360 3D

IGN: With Sony taking an aggressive stance on 3D gaming this year with new bundled offers on their 3D-enabled displays and firmware updates to the PlayStation 3, many are wondering what Microsoft's plans are for 3D on the Xbox 360. Monday's press conference made no mention of integrated support for 3D, and instead placed a firm focus on Kinect, their new camera-based control solution. But just because other technologies took the spotlight, it doesn't mean Microsoft isn't thinking about 3D.

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Bhai2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

...all of a sudden accept 3D as the best thing EVA!!!

Which it already is and KZ3, Motorstorm, GT5 are leading the way into but uptil now, I've totally seen 360 fanboys as raving sentiments against it :)

basicsameh5142925d ago

i think 3d is the future but i don't see it being big this generation

OSU_Gamer2925d ago


I agree 100%. It is a waste of time right now.

I just don't see a majority of people

A) Buying a brand new TV for 3D

B) Wearing glasses anytime they want to use 3D

IF they do buy that new TV, chances are they will have to buy a new one when they become auto-stereoscopic.

Once they iron out the auto-stereoscopic tech, then I could see it becoming popular.

hoops2925d ago

It wont be big this generation simply because of the high intial cost. Next generation for consoles it will be

sukru2925d ago

In order to have proper 3D games we'll need to wait another generation.

I know Wipeout runs in 3D, and Killzone will too... However they do this with significant reduction in resolution. But I'm pretty sure PS4 (and Xbox 720) will be able to handle 1080p 3D in 60fps.

GWAVE2925d ago

Once again, Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon as it pulls out of the parking lot. I don't see them really making a big dent in the 3D market. You can only play "me too" for so long, Microsoft.

Oh, and your conference sucked.

IdleLeeSiuLung2925d ago

To me, it seems like MS jumps in when they see an opportunity and they don't see one with 3D. After all:

"It's projected that less than one half of one percent of all TVs in the U.S. this year will be 3DTVs," the company said in a release today. "And 3DTVs will make up only 5% of the TV installed base three years from now."

But if there is plenty of demand:

"We closely and constantly evaluate consumer trends," they said. "If there is demand, we've demonstrated in the past that we are able to quickly dedicate resources to respond to consumer interest."

Reality is that I'm intrigued by 3D, but I ain't buying a new TV and some 3D glasses to enjoy it.

edhe2925d ago

Not interested in 3d until it's glasses-free and spectator friendly thanks.

K ta.