Crysis 2: Amazing ingame video from E3 2010 emerged

Crysis 2 was shown at the EA press conference at E3 2010 and offered some stunning visuals on the consoles. Cynamite has the video with all the gameplay shown during the presentation.

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zdudynot2773d ago

i dunno, it looks so generic, no fps will top half life, not even the mighty kz3

talltony2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I dont get it. It does not look that good. Man they spoke alot of BS about this game and I am not impressed just like I thought I wouldnt be.

So so dissapointed with what I have seen so far. I honestly dont think this is even the best looking multiplat.

SOAD2773d ago

Idk, it actually looks amazing for consoles. On PC this game is going to be a beast.

Conloles2773d ago

Gonna be awesome..... on PC

HolyOrangeCows2773d ago

Embedding video disabled by owner :/

Traveler2773d ago

It looks really good to me. I want to play it for myself.

Tachyon_Nova2773d ago

It looks pretty impressive if you ask me...

Darkfiber2773d ago

Dude, Half Life got topped years ago. That game is sh*t, open your eyes. It was never good. I hate people who can't let go of the past and are blinded by nostalgia.

ABizzel12773d ago

The problem with the graphics is that they went for realism in the look instead of art style, and the consoles can't do realism yet (Gran Turismo 5 being the closest).

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Droid Smasha2773d ago

all ingame gfx running on the 360. Crytek showing untapped power under the 360 hood

RatFuker2773d ago

you can buy $.10,000 dollars worth of add ons for a kia, its still a kia. a ps3 is a ferarri from birth.

SOAD2773d ago

If 360 is a KIA then the PS3 is more like an Acura, not a Ferrari (not ferarri). A PC is like a Ferrari.

evrfighter2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

get it straight

360 is a big wheel
ps3 is training wheels (your almost a big kid now)
pc is all forms of gundam.

waterboy2773d ago

but all in all ps3 isnt even a vehicle on the ground its more like those star trek type ships

Snakefist302773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Pc Will Become Ferrari if we upgrade its parts.Like Graphics and stuff.

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Arnon2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

It's not bullshit. The entire Crysis 2 showing at the EA event was running on the 360. He was holding a 360 controller and X and Y buttons were showing up on the screen.

360 man2773d ago

Crysis 2 is arguably the best looking console game ever made. it definately beats whats out so far

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Delt42773d ago

it started out kind of MEH. But the last part was pretty cool. The lighting was really awesome.

Bellcross2773d ago

Honestly the only thing impressive was the lighting everything else was kinda meh.

yakuzakazuya2773d ago

The E3 trailer graphics look amazing for something running on xbox 360. The only problem I see are jaggies, as if the game has no anti-aliasing at this current build. The trailer looks like all cutcenes though, the actual gameplay clips looks kind of boring TBH.

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The story is too old to be commented.