The New Xbox 360: Fully Detailed

It's smaller, has more ports, runs quieter and costs the same: $300. It has a 250GB hard drive and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. They're shipping the new Xbox 360 to retailers today.

Update: Here are some detailed specs. One of the most interesting details is that this new system has been in development for, give-or-take, two years.

Update 2: Some more new details:

The controller is slightly changed, with a chrome Xbox button, the Xbox logo on the back, and squared off shoulder buttons, which don't change gameplay but give it a more angular aesthetic feel. The angularity is also evident in the Xbox 360 itself, which Microsoft said that they updated to match the look of modern AV equipment, which are usually black and glossy and chrome.

To transfer your hard drive from your old console, you can either use a standard old 16GB USB drive and do it chunk by chunk, or you can use the old hard drive transfer cable (it works with the new internal hard drive).

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32932d ago

I'm probably the only one that wants the off-white version to peek its head out.

Independent_Charles2932d ago

im gonnawait near xmas for this console, wait for the price drop and proberly bigger HDD to counter sonys offering.

Wikkid6662932d ago

Probably not going to get a price drop or bigger HDD this year. I'm assuming there will be HDDless version coming out this fall. Probably will be $199.

DevastationEve2932d ago

Damn...already bought a new Arcade last month, but this is one good deal. Does anybody see the old memory card slots?

Wikkid6662931d ago

No memory card slots. Use USB flash drives for portable storage.