Microsoft (And Everyone), Adopt Apple's FaceTime Videochat Standard

Microsoft just announced Videokinect that lets you videochat with other Kinect owners and Windows Messenger users. Last week, Apple announced FaceTime, which lets people videochat between iPhone 4's. And then there's Skype. This is a mess.

Videochat is neat. It's been neat for a while now, as people have been able to videochat from computer to computer using software like Skype or iChat. It's a great way to do things like show your new baby to your parents from across the country or talk to a friend who's studying abroad. And now that it's becoming possible to do from in front of the TV or on a cellphone, it's even better. It feels like the future! But without interoperability between different types and brands of devices, it's handicapped from the get-go.

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RockmanII72931d ago

I think Microsoft has been working on this for over a week

sloth33952931d ago

sony has been doing it on the PS3 since the PSeye came out