E4G: Xbox 360 Slim Analyzed

E4G: With the recent announcement of the Xbox 360 Slim at Microsoft's E3 conference, we managed to get some images of it and decided that it was time to bring out the analyzing tools.

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Silverwolf2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Looks like a removable hard drive is in the back of the system.

Cevapi882840d ago

its cant take the HD from an older 360 and put it into the new redesigned one

dkblackhawk502840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Wrong on so many levels. You can't use the old HDD anymore, it uses a different one that slides in the top of the device once the lid is taken off. (I wasn't trying to be too harsh :P)

dkblackhawk502840d ago

I was agreeing with Cevapi88 and disagreeing with Silverwolf lol...

Yi-Long2840d ago

...and to be honest, what I REALLY want from Microsoft and their 360 hardware, is a controller with a proper d-pad!

They can create Kinect, they can make a gorgeous looking 'slim', they now include built-in wifi and a bigger HDD, but the d-pad, one of the oldest parts of any controller, still sucks!?

That's just not right.

dkblackhawk502840d ago

The next console will probably have it improved.

matrix2242840d ago

I don't mind the D-PAD, I really don't see your issue here.

Pistolero2840d ago

the d-pad could use some improvement...but in every other way it is the best controller I have ever used.

hot4play2840d ago

I know. It's a pain for me to play 2D fighting games like SFIV with the 360 controller.

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mmoracerules2840d ago

well i swear it looks very similar to the way the ps3 hdd goes in. same shape

mmoracerules2840d ago

it does seem like it but after inspection your theory is wrongo

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PaPa-Slam2840d ago

Does anyone know the weight of the whole package.

dkblackhawk502840d ago

Not yet, hope to get the info soon :D

matrix2242840d ago

I think it was 2 pounds...i cant remember

mmoracerules2840d ago

swore it was 4 pounds for the whole package and 1.5 pounds for the 360

beardpapa2840d ago

the system? engadget said it weighs the same amount as the original

ReBurn2840d ago

Are their "analyzing tools" their eyes? Because everything they mentioned is obvious just by looking at it.

THE TRUTH2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

If 'project natal' is MS next BIG thing why in the hell is it not built into there 360 slim hardware? I really can't understand why its not in their..... for the same price I get a PS3 slim with a built in blu ray player. I'm sorry to say this but forget this motion control crap, I'm going to invest in 3d gaming it just seems to be more gaming entertaining than waving my hands and feet around like some dumbass.

Pistolero2840d ago

3D gaming is what seems like a waste and a gimmick at this point....when maybe 2% of people are going to have 3D tv it seems like a waste of effort....and as for bluray?...who really cares when you can get stand alone bluray players for so cheap nowadays....not to mention many of us already have ps3s so why do we need another bluray player?....I'm happy with my 360 the way it is.

THE TRUTH2840d ago

It's nice of you to respond, but please answer this question for me. How as a consumer, should I have confidence in this new Ms hardware and technology when MS themselves does not? If they believed in this would it not be a no brainer to launch the new sku with 'natal' built-in? Im not a "casual" gamer I'm not feeling any motion controls, but I did buy a Wii for my son and wiifit for my wife, if MS or Sony want my motion control money they need to make me feel confident in it. At least when I do buy my 3d ready TV I can use it for more than just gaming.

boodybandit2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Okay then what do you consider Kinect?

As far as your whole 3D when maybe 2% of people are going to have a 3D tv? This is the same argument people use to make about Hi Def displays and 5.1 sound in general. The only difference is 3D is going to come on a lot hotter and heavier than Hi Def displays or BluRay ever did.

Every electronics manufacturer (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, Sharp, LG, etc..) is jumping on the 3D bandwagon and bringing out, or already have, 3D displays on the market. People were complaining how insane the pricing is 3K plus but there are already sets under the 2K mark and I have seen some 3D displays on sale for $1500 this week.

3D displays will more than likely reach or break the sub 1k mark (on sale) later this year if not early next year. IMHO I agree with The Truth that 3D will add more to gaming then motion controls will. At least to hardcore gamers like me. It will add to the visual depth. We already have amazing sound and high resolution. This was the next logical step.

After seeing Kinect in action I am way more excited for gaming on a 3D display then using that motion device from MS.

TheObserver2840d ago

Does it need a power brick?

despair2840d ago

they say the power brick is still there but a lot smaller.