EA: EA MMA better off without UFC brand

"Today at the EA E3 press conference Peter Moore hammered one clear point home. EA is excited about the Mixed Martial Arts Sport. That right there might not seem like much however, he followed that up with this: MMA is about more than just one promoter."

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cain1412773d ago

I think it will be different. Which may be good game fans.

barom2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Just read the article. Not one thing that mentions EA would actually be better off without UFC, not to mention anything officially from EA stating that. Terrible site! For the sake of N4G please vote both the site and article down!

I really can't stand sites like this.

krisq2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

...people do not read besides the headline. :(

barom2772d ago

Yeah and its a darn shame too. Regardless of how ridiculous the headline is, people take it as a fact without actually checking up on it.

This is why I no longer believe in democracy. The majority are too gullible.

maawdawg2773d ago

Fine without it. Sure.
Better without it? Not likely. That would be like saying any football game is better without the NFL or any baseball game would be better without MLB. UFC is the main entity in MMA so having it is a plus. The game could be great without the UFC but it won't be better because it doesn't have them involved.

cain1412773d ago

Yeah. I think ideally EA would like to be able to use UFC fighters without having to follow UFC policy or pay UFC royalties haha. But the world doesn't work like that...

johnbknight2773d ago

going to be intersting for sure...

cain1412773d ago

I think we might have a fight on our hands haha

uscore2772d ago

Better is a bit of stretch. That said, not being limited by has it's advantages. I'm an NFL and NBA guy but there times the licenses themselves get in the way of things fans want of the games because of the control the leagues want to have over the image of everything.

cain1412772d ago

I think it's where you have the opertunity for two markets. I enjoyed the blitz games and sometimes wish they had gone even more over the top. But to say it's better is a stretch. It really is just different...

DelbertGrady2772d ago

I care more about the gameplay than if I get to play as Forrest Griffin or whomever. Love MMA and this game looks really good. The E3 trailer was nice.

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