On the Origin of Species: Poochyena and Mightyena

George Harrison writes: "Today's column is a little different from the usual routine. Most of the time, I'm describing Pokémon whose origins aren't immediately obvious: perhaps because they're based on an obscure animal or element of Japanese mythology. Today's Pokémon have origins that are fairly obvious, but the animal that inspired them is so hugely misunderstood that I think it deserves a column of its own.

Poochyena and Mightyena, as their names suggest, are based heavily upon the hyena. And there are a few things that most people know about hyenas: namely that they're some sort of dog, and that they're unpleasant and cowardly scavengers. But as it happens, none of these statements are actually true."

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Fierce Musashi2838d ago

Wow. This was a pretty good article. I never really knew that much stuff about hyenas to start with but after reading this article, it sort got me a bit more intersted in so of the other animal the live with us on this planet.

I would sure want a Poochyena as a pet.