Thoughts on EA'S E3 Conference (Baxy-Z)

Baxy-Z have shared their thoughts on EA's E3 2010 conference. They discuss the new trailers shown off for Medal of Honour, Need for Speed and lots more.

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dizzleK2955d ago

oh i thought it said boxxy. nevermind.

Iamback2955d ago

It was better then MS and just as long about 90 min. I give it B+

deadpoole2955d ago

Best beginning of press conference goes to EA ... Ive been waiting for NFS:Hot Pursuit game like since from effing forever ... finally the've made one.

Hideo_Kojima2955d ago


They even showed more games :-/

morkendo2955d ago

BLEW ME AWAY!! thats how fantastic it is.
had not played a good NFS since 2002 hotpursuit 2

TheDeadMetalhead2955d ago

EA's conference was great. They showed a ton of games, showed demos for most of them, and it was even funny at times. The only part I didn't like was when they felt the need to show the DLC for BC2 and Sims 3. Did they really need an E3 conference just to announce that? But it was still pretty awesome overall.

Compare to Microsoft's conference, where all they showed was the same old Halo Gears sequels, a decent RPG, a 10-second trailer of the Crytek game, a multiplat, a console redesign with features that have been in the PS3 since 2006, and 70% of it being bring Kinect crap that nobody cared about.

I think it's pretty obvious who did better.

Smash Daddy2955d ago

Loved Dead Space 2 and MoH.

phantomexe2955d ago

EA so far has had the best day. They came out and showed games games and more games, loved it and dead space and MOH o ya must get.

NeoBasch2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Let's not even compare M$: way too damn embarrassing. *shakes head* Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. As for EA, I remember when everyone used to view the corporate giant as the "evil empire." They are so much more than that. They brought us Dead Space, the artsy Mirrors' Edge, the incredibly flawed but poetic Dante's Inferno, the hi-octane thrill per minute shooter Bad Company 2, and the world renowned Rock Band franchise.

EA has been my go to publisher for some time. I trust their practices. Unlike M$. Wish they would create a console instead.

As for the conference, brilliant! Loved Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor. Bulletstorm was surprisingly AWESOME. Crysis 2 was a slight disappointment. However, I did love the fact that they are getting there head deep in 3D. Also, what about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit? Hot $hi+ I must say. Feels like a bunch of car chase scenes from a Hollywood epic stringed together. I bow down to the brilliance of EA. <3

The only thing I was disappointed by was the lack of info on ME3 and DA:O2. At least The Old Republic trailer made up for it: one of the most epic trailers I have ever seen.

AliTheBrit192955d ago

Extremely disappointing, I was expecting more new announcements, although the new Need for Speed did look pretty good, one of the better NFS titles for a while I'm sure.

Sameh2955d ago

EA was superior to MS in every way. Dead Space 2 is my game of the show so far.

NYC_Gamer2955d ago

EA could be the best one today..

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