E3 2010: Microsoft Project Natal Experience Event Disappoints (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes,"The impressions are in from DualShockers’ own Al Zamora. Find out all of the mystery and intrigue that was offered for attendees as well as get to the meat of the matter with this video from DualShockers TV..."

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Ninferno2900d ago

every one is saying it was a disappointment. I wish i was there regardless. I wanted to see for myself!

Cevapi882900d ago

the one game that caught people's interest...and they show a video...instead of gameplay...i would have believed it if they had a person playing the game just to see if the fluid movements were actually in game

Godmars2902900d ago

You just want a free Xbox... :p

Hitman07692900d ago

Regardless of the disappointment it was still an honor to be in attendance. The substance was just not there in my opinion.

NY_State2900d ago

"it was still an honor to be in attendance"

Man Xbox fanboys can be douchie.

SaberEdge2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

This doesn't surprise me, coming from them. They seem to be big PS3 fans over there.

DORMIN2900d ago

Yeah because only PS3 fans are disappointed with Kinect.


Pistolero2900d ago

No...but I know what he means...dualshockers always come off like ps3 fanboys.

ico922900d ago

i've said this like 5 times already but seriously WTF was up with Kinectimals my respect for M$ tanked after that

Marceles2900d ago

I felt bad for that little girl up there demoing it lol...

BkaY2900d ago

how lucky they are to be there... all they do is complain...i dont understand why everyone expect second coming of Christ on every E3... you should learn by now not to get hyped about anything ... but look things with open mind..

honestly i dont believe when i read a news headline tht says "x game will blow your mind" or crap like tht .. i tried to stay away from that article....

in the end its personal liking and disliking.. if you are fan of "x game" then you will be blown away with just a freaking teaser with nothing more than a name of the game on the screen..

for me if someone announce anything related to "the warriors" or "manhunt3" on any console or hand held, whoever announce it is a winner for me..


DaTruth2900d ago

Man, it must have been incredibly bad! Most of what MS shows is crap at every E3, but they always hail it as Godlike.

Even the American media can't pretend it was good! I was expecting the second coming A.K.A timed exclusive DLC!

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deadreckoning6662900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Kinect for the lose. I'm very dissapointed as well. I was expecting something revolutionary. With the exception of Dance Central, all Kinect has is shovelware. Microsofts conference was the worst I've ever seen from them IMO.

Chadness2900d ago

The Microsoft conference was "meh" overall, but I was actually a bit impressed with the Kinect stuff. I was thinking of my niece and nephew when that young girl was demoing Kinectimals.

Also, the fitness game from Ubisoft seems to be, from what was shown, the best of the "fitness" genre to date. At least it seems to make you move more than Wii Fit and that fitness game from EA for the Wii.

I'm still reserved overall, but it wasn't as big a disappointment as I thought it would be. The Kinect stuff, at least.

Hitman07692900d ago

These Impressions were only from the Natal presentation just to be clear. I hope that Sony and Nintendo have a lot to show or this E3 is going to be a bummer.

Godmars2902900d ago

Its not like, as they were laying on think with their child actress, they were showing that or how Kinectimals reacts to multiple kids.

For that matter, still don't know if Eyepet learns and recognizes people.

negrito2112900d ago

sony has the last they say save the best for last

Bellcross2900d ago

I think we have enough of these articles for today, I don't think it can get any worse for MS they failed two times in a row.

Sony and Nintendo conferences will save E3.

barakiu2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I'd rather there be more videos instead of articles on this, the worst E3 conference of all-time.

edit: this video is actually on the other Microsoft press conference that happened yesterday.

Hitman07692894d ago

@ Barakiu

This video is not on the Microsoft Press Conference it is on the Natal event. Maybe people should watch again with that context in mind if you got confused the first time.

D4RkNIKON2900d ago

The fanboys disagree. MS had a great conference if you know nothing about video games.

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